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Month: April 2023

Pediatric Dental Specialists

Pediatric Dental Specialist

Healthcare practitioners specializing in dental care to children include pediatric dental specialists, pediatric oral surgeons, and pediatric dental associates. Each profession has special training and abilities that make them valuable contributors to a child’s healthcare team. The Role of Pediatric Dental Specialists: Pediatric dental specialists are dentists who have completed an additional two to three …

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Oral Surgeon Stamford CT

Oral Surgeon Stamford CT

A professional with training in various surgical treatments for the mouth, teeth, and jaw is known as an oral surgeon. These specialists are proficient in carrying out complex surgical treatments that are not amenable to regular dentists because of their substantial education and experience in dental medicine and surgery. Therefore, finding a skilled and experienced …

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Periodontology Specialist

Periodontology Specialist

The study and treatment of periodontal disorders, which affect the gums and other tooth-supporting tissues, is the focus of the dental specialty known as periodontology. A dentist who has received specialized training in periodontology and is an authority on identifying, managing, and preventing periodontal diseases is known as a Periodontal Dentistry specialist or a Periodontology …

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Reflection Advanced Tooth Whitening System

Reflection Advanced Tooth Whitening System

The Reflection Advanced Tooth Whitening System is a professional-grade teeth whitening system designed to remove stains and discoloration from teeth effectively. The system utilizes a unique formula that combines a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide with an activating light to achieve maximum whitening results. The Reflection Advanced Tooth Whitening System is safe and effective, providing …

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Emergency Dentist CT

Emergency Dentist CT

A dentist who offers immediate dental care to people experiencing dental emergencies is known as an emergency dentist. Excruciating toothaches, cracked or broken teeth, and dental trauma are unanticipated and frequently uncomfortable situations that demand immediate attention. An emergency dentist CT (Connecticut) is a dental practitioner who offers urgent dental care services after regular office …

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Dentist with Invisalign Near Stamford

Dentist With Invisalign Near Stamford

You’re in luck if you’re searching for a dentist with Invisalign near Stamford. A typical orthodontic procedure called Invisalign uses transparent, removable aligners to straighten teeth gradually. It is an excellent substitute for conventional metal braces, particularly for people who prefer a more covert and practical solution. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that …

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