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Are Lingual Braces Permanent?

Are Lingual Braces Permanent

There are different kinds of braces to wear when it comes to aligning your or if they are crooked or misplaced but knowing about them is the main and important thing everyone should consider. While talking about braces, lingual braces are also an important type of braces so let’s understand what type of Lingual Braces vs Traditional Braces?

Lingual Braces:

These types of braces are usually similar to metal or traditional braces but the main and important difference between them is that lingual braces are applied on the inner set of teeth as compared with traditional braces as they are applied on the front side of teeth. This can be an advantage to those individuals who do not want people to know that they wear braces or feel embarrassed if someone talks about their braces but are lingual braces permanent because it is totally non visible but you have to be aware of the following consequences:

Demands of lingual braces:

  1. It requires a lot of your time during treatment as compared with traditional braces.
  2. It is very expensive too.
  3. It can be very discomfortable for you in the beginning to use them.
  4. They can cause different injuries to your cheeks or lips or mouth so you have to be careful and consult your doctor if you experience such tragedies.
  5. You should avoid eating hard foods that can make you chew harder.
  6. Your lingual braces can break anytime you misunderstood them as your meal.

Are You the Perfect Person for Lingual Braces?

  1. If you want to look perfect and want nobody to see your braces then lingual braces are for you.
  2. If you can be available for a long treatment then you can be a good match for lingual braces.
  3. If you can take proper care of the above mentioned criteria you should get an appointment with your orthodontist for lingual braces right now.
  4. If you can afford an expensive treatment like lingual braces then you should do it as money doesn’t matter but your health does!

Are Lingual Braces Permanent? – Factors Affecting Lingual Braces Treatment

These are some of the factors that you need to look at carefully if you are interested in taking a lingual braces treatment. Because they might help you make your decision wisely and help you look for other options too and you might be wondering “Are lingual braces permanent?” So let’s find out.

1. How are they placed?:

The procedure of applying lingual braces is almost similar to other braces but the thing which makes it an irresistible thing is that it is placed on the back of your teeth making it completely hiding it from the people and if you are self conscious about yourself then it is the right choice for you but you are thinking that are lingual braces permanent? Do you have to keep using it for eternity!?. 

2. Diet:

When you take a lingual braces treatment, you should take proper care of your diet because if you chew hard things in food you will end up breaking your braces or injuring yourself so after you take this treatment remember to eat soft food which is easy to chew and cannot cause any injuries to you such as yogurt, soft fruits like banana or oranges, etc.

3. Are they Flexible?

Lingual braces are very flexible and if you are thinking that are lingual braces permanent? Then no because if you have no side effects after a period of time like irregular speech issues or you chew your tongue while eating then the dentist will place the braces only where it is needed to straighten up your teeth and the remaining teeth will be free from it.

4. Side-effects or infections:

You have to be careful about having side effects or infections due to lingual braces. In case of any side effects you should contact your dentist right away so he can suggest you proper guidance and solution so you should not be worried about are lingual braces permanent?.

5. Cleaning requirements: 

As lingual braces are placed behind your teeth so it is difficult for you to clean your teeth and braces so take proper measures to clean your teeth to avoid any kind of infections or diseases.

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