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Does Composite Bonding Ruin Teeth? – Know The Real Truth Now

Does Composite Bonding Ruin Teeth

Composite bonding is an effective solution for treating small-level dental issues. Through composite bonding, you can improve the beauty of your smile. Many people have cracked, misaligned, gapped teeth or have dental carries. They feel too shy to share their opinions and talk openly to someone, whether it’s their colleagues or friends. 

To boost their confidence and provide them with a proper solution, a unique type of cosmetic dentistry is composite bonding. 

ou can visit your dentist for a proper checkup. And then, after he suggests this treatment, make sure to ask him, does composite bonding ruin teeth? So that you can understand this dental treatment properly. 

Does Composite Bonding Ruin Teeth?

To find out, “Does composite bonding ruin teeth?” you should first get an understanding of what is dental bonding. Your dentist uses this treatment by installing a tooth-coloured composite resin in your teeth. The term “tooth-coloured” is used because the resin matches the colour of your teeth. So that it looks just like your original teeth after the installation procedure is completed. The dentist reshapes and adjusts the material into your teeth carefully. To ensure it matches the size and shape of your other teeth. 

  • Some people cannot afford expensive dental cosmetic treatments like dental crowns and veneers. Composite bonding is an affordable solution for them. 
  • The dental insurance of the person covers composite bonding. 
  • Some people want to improve their dental health, but due to busy routines and schedules. They cannot make time for lengthy dental treatments. 
  • Composite bonding is one of the most effective yet simple and fast dental treatments. That can be completed in a single visit to the dentist.  
  • This treatment is completed without taking out too much tooth enamel. Patients who need composite bonding on the front, back, or other sides can easily install composite bonding. Due to this feature, people who want to repair their tooth bonding can easily do it. 
  • Fixing normal-level spacing between teeth is also fixed with composite bonding. But if the space between your teeth is massive, then considering another dental treatment is suggested.
  • The results of composite bonding are mind-blowing. Patients with defective teeth can get an improved and natural-looking smile with the help of composite bonding.

Does Composite Bonding Ruin Your Teeth?

Patients want to know a satisfying answer about the longevity of their composite bonding. Because many patients even complained that composite bonding ruined my teeth. Composite bonding is not a permanent solution for making your teeth appear presentable. Different factors can make your composite bonding weak, and you may need to repair and reinstall them.

Normally, you can use your composite bonding for at least 5 years only when you follow proper dental precautions. However, the following factors can decrease the durability of your composite bonding.

Staining The Tooth Resin:

The first reason of does composite bonding ruin teeth is the stains on your tooth resin. The tooth resin is a delicate material for filling the gaps between your teeth. Or fixing the crookedness of your teeth. But when you consume alcoholic, addictive things, like tobacco, cigarettes, weed, etc. Or drinks hot and cold, both of which can also play a major part in staining your tooth resin. 

As the resin matches the colour of your original teeth, it starts to show stains on your teeth. Due to this, you may need to repair your tooth resin or reinstall them. You can save your tooth resin from getting stained by quitting addictive things and consuming hot and cold beverages. 

Expected Life:

The second reason why patients ask does composite bonding ruin teeth is the expected life of composite bonding. It is very difficult for people to leave the food they like the most. In composite bonding, you have to minimise taking crispy and crunchy foods and beverages that can stain your tooth resin. Otherwise, these habits can lead to the breakage of your tooth resin. 

Not only that, you have to regularly go to your dentist for proper checkups to get new updates. You have to wear a nightguard if you cannot control gritting your teeth every time you cannot control your emotions. Due to these issues, the life guarantee of composite bonding is less reliable as compared with other dental treatments. 

Perfect Design:

Thirdly, unlike other dental treatments where, the patient confirms the design of the specific shape and size of the teeth. Composite bonding does not offer you this feature. Because the dentist will have the final say in giving a specific shape and size to your teeth. Composite bonding is reliable for treating minor issues. If the patient needs assistance to solve major-level issues, composite bonding cannot prove helpful. 


To conclude, does composite bonding ruin teeth? It is an effective dental treatment for improving your dental aesthetics. You can use composite bonding with proper care for a few years. But if you need a permanent solution, then consulting with an experienced dentist is suggested. You can ask him different questions related to composite bonding. And you can also ask him about the different teeth bonding disadvantages.

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