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Enamel Erosion Stages – Uncovering The Role Of 4 Dangerous Stages

Enamel erosion stages

Dental issues can cause serious problems for a person to live normally. One such dental issue is enamel erosion. When the protective layers of the teeth’ surface become weak and worn out. Due to consuming too much acidic and sugary food and drinks results in enamel erosion of the teeth.  It is important to know the main enamel erosion stages through which this issue reaches a severe level. So that you can take preventive measures against this issue. 

4 Important Enamel Erosion Stages:

The following are the details about the stages of erosion of the enamel. 

First Stage:

The early stage enamel erosion stages are very important to know about. The early stages of enamel erosion are easy to handle, and they are known as the demineralization step. 

  • In this stage, you may notice unusual white spots on your teeth. Their colour is different from your normal teeth’ colour. 
  • You may not feel these changes quickly, but these changes are happening to your teeth’ enamel in small quantities. 
  • Different things can lead to the initial level of enamel erosion in your teeth. 
  • You may also feel tooth sensitivity and cannot eat or drink too much hot or cold food easily. When you ignore your dental health or eat acidic food, it can lead to enamel erosion in your teeth. 
  • It is advisable to eat a diet that is useful for the health of your teeth surface. And if you’re feeling gastroesophageal reflux (GER), then getting medical help is very important. 

Second Stage:

The second enamel erosion stage is when the erosion of the enamel becomes noticeable. The outer covering of the teeth surface starts to wear off. You may experience teeth with yellowish colour that are more yellowish than normal yellow teeth. The edges of your teeth become rounded, transparent, etc. Your tooth sensitivity will take another step, and you will experience severe level acid reflux and chronic issues. The measures you take in the beginning level of the enamel erosion, you should continue taking those measures properly. 

Third Stage:

In the third stage, enamel erosion becomes more visible, and the signs reach another level. The patient may feel tooth sensitivity in everything he consumes. Due to this issue, he can also experience more dental cavities in his teeth. 

  • Your teeth surface can experience dents, cups, etc, due to enamel erosion. 
  • These things happen when you don’t follow the preventive measures and ignore your dental health. 
  • Taking dental help from the dentist and medical help from the doctor is very important. 
  • But when you carelessly consume acidic products and ignore the measures that are useful for making your teeth enamel healthy. Then these things can lead to making your enamel wearier.

Fourth Stage:

During the fourth stage, all of the issues reach the highest level. The patient may feel an extra level of pain and discomfort where normal day activities become very difficult to handle. In which talking and eating come first. 

  • The teeth of the patient become very sensitive to fractures and different accidental situations. Improper dental care and gritting the teeth unreasonably. 
  • It is important to treat the enamel erosion as quickly as possible without wasting further time. Installing cosmetic treatments like dental crowns and bonding are also helpful. Patients feel excited to know about dental bonding for enamel loss
  • You can ask your dentist, and he can tell you the suitable dental treatment.
  • Keeping in view your current state and issues. 

How To Early Diagnosis Your Enamel Erosion?

There are several dental issues that when you experience them. It is a huge sign that you have built enamel erosion.

Preventing something on its initial level is very important. 

  1. The first thing is increased tooth sensitivity to anything you eat. Firstly, you have to change your diet and then consult a dentist properly to root out this issue. Delaying it will only make sure that you complete different enamel erosion stages.
  2. The second thing is the change in the colour of your teeth. This change is different from the normal change, and the patient feels very bad. Due to this issue, a patient can feel difficulty in talking to others openly over different matters. 
  3. The edge of the teeth becomes very thin and transparent. The edges of the teeth become rounded, and you can feel the size of your teeth reduced. 
  4. You may also encounter changes in your teeth surface as you may notice small cups, dents, etc, on your teeth. 
  5. You may also feel difficulty chewing your food, and your biting power is also affected due to enamel erosion. 


There ae different enamel erosion stages. Each one holds a specific issue, but it is effective in treating enamel erosion from the initial levels. Because it can prove painful and time-consuming to treat the erosion of the enamel when it reaches a severe level. But proper dental health care, regular dental checkups, and wearing mouth guards. 

Eating saliva-producing things and taking professional doctors’ treatment for various issues. That can lead to enamel erosion stages are also advised. Supreme Dental CT offers effective treatment for enamel erosion by professionally experienced dentists. 

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