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Why Front Tooth Bonding Keeps – Breaking: How To Fix It?

Front Tooth Bonding Keeps

To repair the cracked, out-of-shape, and tarnished teeth, front teeth bonding is an essential treatment. Many people don’t have time for dental treatments. That cannot be completed in a single visit, like to use this treatment. It is an easy treatment. But many people face the problem of “front tooth bonding keeps breaking”. And they want to know the reason and solution for this issue. 

Front Tooth Bonding Keeps Breaking:

An important type of cosmetic dentistry is tooth bonding. It is known by several names. This procedure involves applying the natural teeth-colored resin to the enamel of the teeth. The professional and experienced dentist ensures to shape and resize the resin in such a way. It adjusts with the size of your original teeth. Once the resin is carefully installed, it is stabilized with the help of a special curing light. But it is important to know, does tooth bonding break easily?

7 Factors Affecting The Longevity Of Your Tooth Bonding:

The following are the main factors that can decrease the lifespan of your tooth bonding. Resulting in “front tooth bonding keeps breaking”.

  • High Or Low-Quality Materials:

The first factor that plays a huge role in “front tooth bonding keeps breaking” is the use of dental materials. If the dental materials are of high quality, your dental bonding will last durably. But if the materials are of low quality, the chances of bonding wear and tear are very high. You should also know about the role of dental bonding for enamel loss

  • Inexperienced Dentist:

The second factor is the experience of the dentist. Installing dental bonding on a patient’s teeth requires different types of skills, techniques, and strategies. If the dentist is not qualified and experienced, your dental bonding can keep breaking. That’s why, you must take the services of a dentist that is experienced. And can tackle different critical dental issues. 

  •  Gritting Teeth:

The third factor is that when you put too much pressure on your teeth in anger or depression. You can break your dental bonding. Gritting teeth is a habit of many people. However, reducing it if you want to improve the durability of your dental bonding is very important. 

  • Chewing Hard Things:

The fourth factor is that when you don’t follow the diet prescribed to you by your dentist. And keep chewing on hard things. Your dental bonding can break as a result. That’s why, it is important to stick to the diet advised by your dentist. And eat soft foods for a temporary period.

  •  Neglecting Dental Health:

The fifth factor of dental bonding front teeth is neglecting your dental health. When you don’t properly clean your teeth, visit your dentist regularly. And not follow different measures for cleaning your teeth, it can result in wear and tear of your dental bonding. 

  •  Blemished Teeth:

The sixth factor is that when you install composite resins in your teeth and consume different drinks and addictive things. They can result in staining your teeth. Due to this, your dental bonding breaks and needs to be repaired. 

  •  Old Resins:

The seventh factor is that if your dental bondings are very old, they can become more sensitive. Even a little careless act can lead to the breakage of your dental bonding. The life period of dental bonding fluctuates with different people. 

4 Measures You Must Adopt For Durable Dental Bonding:

If you are suffering from “front tooth bonding keeps breaking”. Then there are some of the important measures you need to adopt for durable and healthy dental bonding.

Services Of An Expert Dentist:

It is important to take the services of a professional and experienced dentist. Also, ensure that he has been providing dental services in this specific field for many years. In this way, you can feel satisfied with his services. And he can provide you with durable and effective dental treatment. 


The second thing you can do is wear a mouthguard. If you cannot control your habit of gritting your teeth in anger or depression. In this way, you can restrain yourself from hurting your dental bonding and making it weak. 

Choosy About Your Diet:

The third thing is to become choosy in your diet. And eat only those things that are easy to chew and do not require extra pressure. Make sure to regularly brush your teeth, use mouth floss, and visit your dentist for new and improved advice, etc. When you adopt such measures in your daily routine, you can increase the lifespan of your dental bonding easily. 

Avoiding Bad Habits:

The fourth thing is you should stop drinking beverages and smoking weed, tobacco, cigarettes, and other addictive things. As they can lead to blemish your tooth resins. By avoiding these habits, you can get rid of many other health issues. And improve the life period of your dental bonding too.


Front tooth bonding keeps breaking is a common issue that people suffer from when they install dental bonding. Taking proper measures and avoiding bad habits can increase the life of your dental bonding. And you can feel relaxed and stay healthy and can smile proudly in front of others without any issues. You should also learn about the teeth bonding disadvantages from your dentist. 

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