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How Long Do Lumineers Last?

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

There are different dental procedures through which you can make your smile beautiful. One such dental treatment is lumineers. It is the most important type of Cosmetic Dentistry. But it is important to know “How long do lumineers last”. So that you can get an overview of this procedure’s functioning. 

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

Lumineers are paper-thin covers that are customized and attached to the outer part of the teeth. They are a type of dental veneers. You should the main differences between veneers vs crowns. The use of strong materials is used in lumineers through which they provide better working and performance. 

  • You can install lumineers in your teeth by visiting your dentist for a proper checkup of your teeth first. And then discussing the other important details of the treatment. 
  • On the second visit, your dentist will start the installation procedure. This procedure can take almost one hour. But it can exceed one hour if you are planning to install the veneers in your whole teeth. 
  • Through lumineers, you can increase the beauty of your teeth in such a way that you can cover up your disarranged teeth. The space between them is also reduced if the color of your teeth changes from white to a little different color. Lumineers are the best option you have. 
  • The most beneficial thing about this treatment is that your dentist will not remove a large amount of your enamel. That’s why most people love to take this dental treatment. 

Factors Affecting The Life Of Lumineers:

It is important to note that the actual life limit of lumineers is from 15-20 years. But if you practice good oral health and follow different main steps. You can enjoy a good and healthy life with a confident smile. You can extend the life period of lumineers more than 20 years when you prioritize your teeth’s health first. There are different factors through which you can know how long do lumineers last. If you don’t follow the below-mentioned instructions. It can lead to wear and tear of your lumineers covers in a shorter period. 

Good Or Bad Quality Material:

The first thing that can affect the durability of your lumineers is the use of good or bad quality products. If you use cheap quality products, it will only lead to wear and tear on your lumineers covers. If you use high-quality products, it will lead to the longevity of your lumineers. Mostly porcelain is used as the main material in lumineers.

Practicing Dental Hygiene Care:

The second factor is that if you ignore your dental health, it can make the condition of your lumineers covers critical. If you neglect brushing your teeth, visiting your dentist, using mouth floss, and other dental health practices. It will result in a shorter life of lumineers.

Chewing Hard Substance Things:

The third factor is that most people chew hard things and eat hard substance foods daily. These practices can lead to breakage of your lumineers. If you grit your teeth for any reason regularly, it can also have negative impacts on your lumineers.

Drinking Beverages:

The fourth factor is that when you constantly drink hot and cold beverages without fixing a limit. It can lead to stains on your teeth. To avoid this, you should minimize drinking such beverages. Also if you’re a smoker, constantly smoking cigarettes can also cause stains and blemishes to appear on your teeth. 

Unexpected Injuries:

The fifth factor is that if you get into any sort of accident, injury, etc. It can also lead to the wear and tear of your lumineers covers. It is one of the main factors through which you can find out how long do lumineers last.

7 Ways To Increase The Life Of Your Lumineers:

If you follow the below-mentioned steps, you can easily increase the life of your lumineers. It is important to know that after you take a treatment of lumineers, it is very important to make it a habit to perform various different tasks related to good oral health. Discover how long do lumineers last through these steps.

  • You can visit your dentist for proper guidelines but it is recommended to brush your teeth daily after every meal
  • Wear a mouth protector
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that puts less pressure on your teeth
  • Avoid eating too much chewy foods, 
  • Stop drinking too much beverages 
  • drinking as much water as you can, etc. are important tasks to perform. 
  • It is very important that if you are experiencing even a slight pain or discomfort in your lumineers covers. You should talk to your dentist right away to fix this issue. 


How long do lumineers last depends on various factors, the type of oral practices you do in your routine, etc. But when your lumineers covers are very damaged and old. It means they need to be replaced for the proper working of your teeth. You can talk on this matter to your dentist for proper information and mentally prepare yourself for a replacement treatment. People are curious to know about teeth bonding vs veneers, too.

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