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Is Dental Bonding Permanent? – Find Out The Real Truth Behind:

Is Dental Bonding Permanent

Advancements in the dental field have helped patients solve their dental issues at both minor and major levels. One incredible dental treatment is dental bonding. Through dental bonding, you can eliminate your annoying cavities, space between your teeth, malocclusion, discolouration, and crooked or chipped teeth. But when patients visit the dentist to discuss the treatment in detail, they often ask, “is dental bonding permanent?”. Giving them the right answer and helping them know the right thing is very important. 

Uncovering Is Dental Bonding Permanent?

An amazing type of cosmetic dentistry is dental bonding. Dental bonding is the right solution for patients who cannot afford expensive dental treatments but have minor dental problems. Because it is a budget-friendly dental treatment, it offers several advantages to its users. It is essential for the dentist, too, because it is done in just one visit to the dentist. 

And they don’t have to remove much of the natural enamel of the teeth of the patient. Due to this feature, if the patient’s teeth need repair afterwards, repairing them is simple. So the next time someone wants to know about what is dental bonding? You can tell them about it confidently.

Procedure Of Dental Bonding:

To understand whether is dental bonding permanent?, you should first understand the main procedure and steps involved in dental bonding. Following are the main steps your dentist will follow for your treatment. 

  • The first step involves making the teeth prepared for the treatment. For this purpose, the dentist will use a dental medicine in liquid form and apply it on your teeth’s surface. Through this, your teeth’ surface will become hard. This step is done to make sure the dental bonding material will stick to your teeth properly. 
  • The second step is installing the composite resin on your teeth. This resin is just according to the colour of your original teeth. The dentist will change its shape to get a particular shape. According to the size and shape of your other teeth. Then, with the help of Ultraviolet curing light, your teeth resin becomes properly attached to your teeth. 
  • The last step is giving polishing and final touches to the teeth bonding. The dentist will adjust the resin to ensure it is properly placed and the patient is not uncomfortable. 

Durability Of Dental Bonding:

Is dental bonding permanent? After the placement of dental bonding is completely successful, patients want the answer to this question. The main thing to know is that dental bonding is an effective dental procedure for solving various dental issues. But if you’re looking for a permanent solution, then dental bonding is not the one. Because it can last longer for at least 8-10 years or more only if proper measures and care are taken.

5 Measures Affecting The Life Of Dental Bonding:

How long does dental bonding last? The following are the main measures that if you neglect them. They can lead to wear and tear in your dental bonding. Due to this, the life of your dental bonding will decrease. 

Proper Dental Health:

The first main thing affecting the durability of dental bonding is ignoring your dental hygiene. When you don’t regularly brush your teeth and use mouth floss, visit your dentist for normal checkups, etc. These things can lead to wear and tear in your dental bonding. Due to this, you may have to repair or reinstall dental bonding in your teeth. And the longevity of your dental bonding is highly affected in this way. 

Hard Food:

The second thing is not choosing a healthy diet suggested by your dentist. When you install dental bonding in your teeth, your dentist recommends you eat soft foods that are easy to chew. You don’t have to put extra effort into chewing your food. But eating crunchy, crispy, and hard foods that are difficult to chew can damage your dental bonding. Due to this, the life of your dental bonding decreases. 

Tarnishy Beverages:

The third thing is drinking tarnished beverages. The resin of dental bonding is the same as your original teeth. When you constantly consume hot and cold beverages that include tea, coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. This can lead to making your tooth resin tarnished. Due to this, you may need to repair your dental bonding. 


The fourth thing is accidents can happen to anyone as they are unplanned. If you get into a severe accident, it can affect your dental bonding and make them weary. Due to this, you may need to reinstall dental bonding in your teeth. 

Grinding Teeth:

Is dental bonding permanent? The fifth thing is that some people have a habit of grinding or gritting their teeth when they feel angry. Sad, depressed, or other emotions. However, putting too much force on your tooth resin can break your dental bonding. You can avoid that from happening by wearing a mouth guard. 


Is dental bonding permanent? You should know it is unreliable if you want a permanent dental solution. However, dental bonding can provide several benefits. And you can use it for more than ten years with proper care and maintenance. You can achieve a stunning smile and a confident appearance with the help of dental bonding. You can get an incredible and affordable dental bonding treatment from Supreme Dental CT.

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