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Find Out Top 7 Differences Between Lumineers VS Bonding 

Lumineers VS Bonding

Different types of dental issues can ruin the beauty of your teeth. And your teeth cannot function properly. But to maintain a beautiful smile and recover from these issues, two incredible types of dental procedures are used. Lumineers and dental bonding. By knowing the differences and limitations of lumineers vs. bonding. You can easily decide which dental procedure is suitable for you. Temporary tooth Replacement procedure is becoming a very popular dental treatment.  

Lumineers VS Bonding:

To understand properly the differences between bonding vs lumineers. You should know about how these dental procedures work and what they are.


Lumineers are made from a strong material cerinate porcelain. Lumineers are paper-thin custom-made covers according to the dental impressions of the patient. They are highly durable. To improve the smile of a person, lumineers are used. They are placed on the front area of the teeth. 

If a person’s teeth are misaligned, discolored, misshaped, chipped, or fractured, lumineers can solve all of these dental issues. But for severe dental problems, other dental treatments are used. During the treatment, the tooth surface is not removed from the teeth.

Teeth Bonding:

Teeth bonding is the procedure of placing a plastic material on the enamel of the teeth. The color of this plastic material is just like your original teeth. This material is then molded to give it a shape according to your original teeth. 

For small dental issues like disarranged, stained, broken teeth, or space between teeth, bonding is used. This procedure is done in only one appointment with the dentist. It is a budget-friendly dental procedure. You can use dental bondings for a very long time easily. 

Discover Main Differences Between Lumineers VS Bonding:

The following are the main differences between lumineers vs bonding that you must know about.

Beauty Of The Teeth:

The first main difference between lumineers vs bonding is about beauty of the teeth. Both of these procedures can provide you with a good appearance and a shiny smile. But the smile of the lumineers covers is brighter as compared with dental bondings. Due to this feature, the demand for lumineers is very high for people who are very conscious about their beauty. 


The second difference is that lumineers and dental bonding can be used for a very long time. However, the time of dental bonding covers is less as compared with lumineers. Because lumineers can provide you with the best teeth-functioning for a very long time. Without causing much trouble or requiring any sort of repairs. However, it is important to follow a proper dental hygiene routine. 

Enamel Removal:

The third difference is that lumineers are a type of dental procedure. That requires less removal of the tooth’s enamel during the installation procedure. Whereas the dental bonding procedure involves less or no removal of enamel from the tooth at all. Due to this feature, dental bonding is a great choice for small dental issues.

Time Required Of Both Forocedures:

The fourth difference is that the time for installing the lumineers or bonding also differs. Lumineers are placed in almost two appointments with the dentist. Because the custom-made covers are required according to the original size and shape of your teeth. 

On the other hand, talking about dental bonding, your dentist can complete the installation procedure in just one appointment. Due to this feature, for people who have a busy schedule. And need quick yet effective solutions for their dental issues, so dental bonding is the best solution for them. 

Highlighting Discoloration:

The fifth difference is that after your lumineers are installed. You can eat or drink beverages that can change the color of your teeth. Because you can easily maintain your teeth again by following the proper instructions of your dentist. 

But when you eat or drink something that can change the color of your teeth. You cannot maintain it with dental bonding. And these stains become visible on your teeth. 


The sixth difference is that the price of both of these dental procedures change from each other. Both of these procedures provide better results but lumineers are an expensive dental procedure. Because it is done in two appointments plus the covers are made personalized. 

On the other hand, dental bonding is a budget-friendly dental treatment. For people who want to maintain a good smile but cannot afford an expensive dental treatment. Dental bonding is the best solution. You should also know about the main differences between lumineers vs porcelain veneers.


The seventh difference is that lumineers require a little enamel removal from the teeth during installation. Due to this, lumineers are non-transformable. But dental bonding is transformable. Because it requires no removal of tooth enamel. 


Lumineers vs bonding involves 7 main differences. If you want more durable, expensive, non-transformable, and non-affected by consuming different types of beverages. Then you should go for lumineers dental procedure. But if you want a budget-friendly, quick, transformable, and less durable dental procedure, then choosing dental bonding is advisable. It is important to know the details of any professional emergency dentist ct

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