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A dental crown is a strong, protective cap for your teeth that can help you feel and look better than ever before. Dental crowns strengthen damaged or injured teeth by filling in cavities to fix structural damage done from cavity-causing bacteria on food particles eaten in chewing processes. A dental crown is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Modern technology has made it more effective than ever before and provides a durable fix for structural damage done by cavities or impact trauma that could otherwise lead to tooth loss.

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About Dental Crowns

Your dentist might recommend getting a crown if they notice some decay or other damage on one of your teeth. This will help them to close up any gaps, protect against further problems and make sure that you have a healthy smile. A crown can be made up of three different materials; all metal, ceramic on metal, or pure tooth material. The location in which your crown sits will determine what type is best for you and your unique situation.

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Common Reasons For Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that can restore the appearance of your smile and protect your tooth from trauma. Here are some common reasons why a dentist may recommend a crown:

Dental Crown Process

There are two different procedures for getting a dental crown. The first appointment will need to have your dentist prepare the tooth, take x-rays and moldings so that they can send any data collected to the lab where your crown will be made. At this stage, a temporary dental crown will be fitted onto your mouth until the second appointment. You can then come back in and we’ll start working on putting that permanent fixture on right away.

Sometimes, your dentist in Stamford will have the necessary technology and equipment that enables them to provide same-day crowns. This is where the dentist will take the molding and x-rays that same day, and then create the crown in-house.

Porcelain Crowns Can be Used to Address a Wide Range of Dental Disorders, Including:

Cracked or Broken Teeth:

Crowns made of porcelain can be placed over a cracked or fractured tooth to protect it from further damage and to restore its shape, size, and function.

Badly Decaying Teeth:

If a filling cannot be used to treat a badly decayed tooth, a porcelain crown can cover and protect the decayed section of the tooth and protect it.

Misshapen or Discolored Teeth:

Crowns made of porcelain can be used to cover and improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth that cannot be repaired with teeth whitening or dental bonding.

Weak or Worn Teeth:

Porcelain crowns can strengthen and protect weak or worn teeth at risk of breaking or shattering.

Front tooth Crowns made of porcelain are especially popular since they are obvious and essential to your smile. In addition, front tooth ceramic crowns  can be used to treat a range of conditions, including:

Porcelain crowns can strengthen and protect weak or worn teeth at risk of breaking or shattering.

Front tooth Crowns made of porcelain are especially popular since they are obvious and essential to your smile. In addition, front tooth ceramic crowns  can be used to treat a range of conditions, including:

Chipped or Cracked Front Teeth:

Crowns made of porcelain can be used to repair the appearance and function of chipped or cracked front teeth.

Front Teeth That are Malformed or Badly Aligned:

Crowns made of porcelain can be used to improve the appearance and alignment of front teeth that are deformed or poorly aligned.

Discolored Front Teeth:

If teeth whitening cannot cure your discolored front teeth, porcelain crowns can be utilized to cover the afflicted teeth and improve their appearance.

Getting ceramic crowns usually requires two to three visits to the dentist. Here’s what to expect from each visit:


During your initial visit, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine whether Crowns made of porcelain are the best treatment option for you. If ceramic crowns are suggested, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to construct custom-made crowns that exactly fit your teeth.


Your dentist will prepare your teeth for the ceramic crowns during your second visit by removing a little piece of enamel from the surface of the damaged teeth. This ensures the crowns are correctly fitted and do not obstruct your bite.


After preparing your teeth, your dentist will place the custom-made Crowns made of porcelain over your teeth and make any required changes to guarantee a flawless fit. A specific dental cement will bind the crowns to your teeth.

Follow up:

Your dentist may schedule follow-up visits to confirm that the crowns are operating correctly and to make any required changes.

Suggestions for Maintaining Porcelain Crowns

With proper care and maintenance, porcelain crowns can last for many years. Here are some suggestions for maintaining your Crowns made of porcelain:

Brush and Floss Regularly:

Crowns made of porcelain, like natural teeth, require frequent brushing and flossing to keep them clean and free of plaque and bacteria.

Avoid Eating Hard or Sticky Foods:

To keep your Crowns made of porcelain from cracking or coming loose, avoid eating hard or sticky foods.

Wear a Mouthguard:

If you participate in sports or grind your teeth at night, a mouthguard can help protect your ceramic crowns.

Visit your Dentist Regularly:

Regular dental examinations and cleanings might be beneficial.

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Porcelain Crown/Dental Crown Cost

Getting a crown is an investment in your smile. You should take into consideration what type of material the dental professional will use to construct it before you commit, as acrylics are more affordable while gold ones can be more costly. A good estimate of dental crows is around $500-$2,500 per crown depending on size requirements and desired to look. Although many health care plans cover part or all costs so long as they meet eligibility criteria which varies between each insurer’s guidelines–so ask them if yours does too.

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Dental crowns are a great solution for patients looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. Our dentists will be there to make sure that you have an effective treatment plan based on your unique needs and budget, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at (203) 348-5612.

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