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Stamford, CT Teeth Whitening Professionals

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Stamford, CT Teeth Whitening Professionals

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment our cosmetic dentists use to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.

Sometimes the simplest steps can lead you to a whole new life. With teeth whitening, coffee stains on your mug or tea leaves in between those beautiful white incisors are no longer an issue! If there is some chipped enamel left from years of drinking too much wine- don’t worry because our professionals will take care it with their expertise during treatments so that everything becomes brighter than ever before again.

Why Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

No matter the cause, stain on your teeth can be a pain. Whether it was caused by years of neglect or an unfortunate accident-we have you covered with our in office whitening service that removes stains within just one hour!

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Controlled Gel Formulas

With the goal of providing our patients with a safe and consistent experience, we use only premium whitening formulas. These products come from known sources so you know they’re top quality all day long.

Sensitivity Management

While using this service, you may experience some temporary sensitivity in your teeth. We work with each patient to find the right solution for their unique needs and circumstances so that they can have a comfortable whitening process as well!

Long-Term Results

Your smile will stay fresh for years to come with the help of custom trays. A simple refill syringe of gel picked up occasionally from our office allows you time between visits so that any natural wear and tear on your teeth doesn’t ruin it completely!

What does teeth whitening involve?

This type of teeth whitening usually requires two visits. At the first appointment, impressions (molds) will be made of your teeth to fabricate custom, clear plastic, trays. At your second appointment, we will try on the trays for proper fit and adjustments are made if necessary. The white strips make sure that there is no tooth sensitivity during this time as you bleach your teeth; however it’s common to experience some discomfort afterwards until fading has finished up taking place in our mouth!

You will receive a set of instructions for maintaining your teeth and trays, as well as being encouraged to visit the dentist regularly. This is so you can keep up with all these great dental practices that are necessary in order maintain beautiful smiles like yours! Contact our dentist in Stamford, Ct today!

Just a Few Reasons

Why Patients Love Us

iTero 5D Scanner Technology

The I-Tero scanner is the latest in digital technology to help orthodontists perfectly measure teeth. This small hand held wand captures every detail of your mouth, so you can get a perfect smile with no mistakes.

Emergency Dental Services

We offer same day emergency dental services in Stamford, CT. You never know when a dental emergency may arise which is why at Supreme Dental our dentist are ready to take on any dental emergency you may have.

DuraMax Extraoral Suction System

This advanced system is designed to remove dirt, germs and other unwanted substances from your procedures. It features an efficient Quattro layer filtration process with over 99% efficiency at removing viruses or bacteria absorbed during treatment so you can be confident in the hygienic environment of our dental office.

In-House Membership Plans

You deserve the best care, so we work hard to offer affordable and accessible dental services. To learn more about our in-house membership plans or purchase your own, visit our Membership page today.

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