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3 Options For Affordable Dentures & Implants

Dentures & Implants

Getting into an accident and missing one or more teeth is very common nowadays. It may be due to another reason as you may have been suffering from tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, or gum issues but what is the solution for it? Dentures and Implants can be used to solve your problem but what are dentures and implants and can you find any service of affordable dentures & implants for yourself?

What are Dentures?

Dentures can be used when you miss a tooth in an accident or due to any teeth issue. There are several types of dentures. All of them are removable. You should use the one which is suitable for you and you can find it out by contacting your dentist and getting a proper checkup for your teeth. If you have no other teeth issues like gum issues, cavities, or tooth decay then your dentist will suggest you use dentures.

What are Implants?

Dental Implants are also used for the same purpose as dentures. To replace a missing tooth and add an artificial tooth in its place. But unlike dentures, implants are permanent once you wear them. But the demand for implants is increasing day by day even though their functions are similar to dentures. Dental implants also have different types and permanent dentures is one of them.

6 Things to Know If You Want Affordable Denture Implants:

  1. The normal price of dental implants is from $3000 – $4500 and the basic price of dentures is $4000. Dentures are less costly than implants but if you add other options to the treatment, it can be expensive too as you have to visit your dentist for proper cleaning of your teeth and teeth maintenance to avoid any other teeth issues. 
  1. When you wear dentures you take time while getting comfortable with them and the time is not fixed to get used to dentures as it is different for everyone because some of you may have gum issues or teeth sensitivity so proper care has to be taken and you may face problems while chewing your food and talking to someone but as dental implants are permanent you can easily get along with it after your surgery is successfully done so you can eat freely whatever you like and talk easily. 
  1. The lifespan of dentures if you use them with care is almost 9-10 years and if you use dental implants they can be used for a lifetime without the need of changing them again but you still have to follow the rules of keeping them clean.
  1. Dentures are the best option for those people who want to use something flexible for their teeth as dental implants and permanent ones and you cannot remove them whenever you want.
  1. If you have no issue with getting surgery then you can choose dental implants as they require surgical treatment for proper fitting of implants whereas dentures can be placed without any surgery and you can just visit your dentist for a proper checkup and if he finds you fit enough for installing dentures than you can wait for your dentures to prepare and after a few weeks, when they are ready you can get another checkup from your dentist and start the installation procedure.
  1. Dental Implants are very costly compared with dentures.

Both dentures and dental implants are the best options for replacing teeth but there are several factors you need to take care of if you are looking for some affordable options regarding dentures & implants. 

How to Get Affordable Dentures & Implants?

1. Medical Insurance:

If you are working in a company which is offering you medical care facilities then you can use it for getting your affordable dentures & implants as they will cover half of your cost so you can easily get a healthy set of teeth.

2. Government Plans:

The government has introduced various programs through which you can also use dentures or implants if you are eligible for them. Their eligibility criteria are the following:

  • Your income is very low, which means you cannot afford it.
  • You are physically disabled and need medical aid.
  • You are a government employee.
  • You are a single mother.

If you are dealing with any one of these situations then you can use government plans and there may be other eligibility criteria according to the area you live in so you can get additional information by contacting your dentist too.

3. Dental Savings Plan:

This plan is also an option for those who cannot afford an expensive treatment like dentures or implants and looking for affordable options for dentures & implants. Basically through this program, the dentist will give you some relief on the cost so you can afford it and get the best medical treatment for your teeth. 

By following these methods you can get affordable dentures and implants for yourself and your loved ones.

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