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Are Same Day Crowns As Good As Lab Crowns

Are Same Day Crowns As Good As Lab Crowns

Pulling out a tooth or teeth that are infected, decayed, broken, or chipped is a very uncomfortable and painful experience for some people. And they want something painless and comfortable instead of such a procedure. Talking about dental treatments, dental caps or crowns have gained massive importance in the dentistry restoration field due to their new types and the level of advanced technology it uses in their functions. 

Some such types of dental crowns are same day crowns and lab crowns. But are same day crowns as good as lab crowns? Because if you’re looking for dental crowns then you must know that they are same day crowns good for your teeth. Let’s find out together.

Step By Step Guide: Are Same Day Crowns As Good As Lab Crowns?

Following are the main differences between same day and lab crowns from start to end to help you easily choose the best type of service for your oral health.

1. Use Of Materials:

The first main difference between same day and lab crowns if you want to know that are same day crowns as good as lab crowns is that the use of materials in same-day crowns which is a type of dental crowns is just porcelain or ceramic materials while on the other hand, lab crowns are made from several types of materials like an amalgam of gold, native metal amalgam or PFM crowns. Due to this, it offers several options to people who are willing to install dental crowns for the betterment of their issued teeth.

2. Preparations of Crowns:

The second yet important difference is that the model of crowns for same day crowns is prepared in the office of your prosthodontist with the help of advanced technology right in front of you while the lab crown is prepared in the lab which can be a lengthy procedure.

Preparations of Crowns

3. Time-Efficiency:

The third difference is that you might be wondering, “How long does a same day crown take?” Well single-visit crowns are a time-saving procedure which can be done just in a single appointment with a dentist and get your permanent crown placed in this appointment. But lab crowns are a very time-consuming procedure as you have to pay more than one visit to your dentist and wait for the completion of your permanent crown. Till then you have to wear a temporary crown and due to that most patients love same-day crown treatment.

4. Same As Natural Teeth:

The fourth difference to knowing are same day crowns as good as lab crowns is that due to the use of only one powerful material which is ceramic, same-day crowns are a perfect solution for your teeth as they will increase the beauty of your teeth, match the color of your original teeth and you can smile confidently among other people without getting noticed of wearing crowns. 

On the contrary, lab crowns are a mixture of different types of materials which are powerful but can be a cause of not matching the color of your teeth and can be easily pointed out when you talk or smile that you’re wearing crowns. They can be beautiful but people can easily detect the use of artificial teeth in your mouth.

5. Perfection:

The fifth difference if you wanna know if same day crowns are as good as lab crowns is that due to the usage of advanced tech and improved computer software, the models for your permanent crowns are perfectly according to the size of your teeth without any issue or side-effects. Lab crowns are made through technicians in the lab, and if there’s a minor problem with your lab crowns, it can cause several side effects and other dental issues in your mouth.

6. Longevity Of Crowns:

The sixth difference is that the longevity of same-day crowns is very much due to the use of a strong material like ceramic in it due to which you don’t need to worry about its breakage or any other issue. If you take proper care, then it can last well as compared with lab crowns which are strong and good too. But lab crowns can break if they are not well maintained by the people.

7. Expenses:

The seventh yet the most important difference is that the same-day crowns treatment can be done at an affordable price while the lab crowns procedure is time taking and requires several visits to the dentist, due to which the price of lab crowns treatment is higher as compared with same-day crowns.


To find out if “Are same day crowns as good as lab crowns”, the ending is covered with the fact that there are several benefits of same day crowns but you must choose the right option for your teeth. If you can afford an expensive and time-consuming option then choose lab crowns but if you’re looking for an efficient yet natural appearance giving treatment for your treatment requiring teeth then go with same-day crowns procedure.

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