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Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

A dental cap or crown is a safe way to renew your tooth which is decayed, damaged, broken, or infectious and needs repairing. It is a trusted method in dental procedures but still, it is a time-consuming and expensive process. But with time, as new advancements have made their way in the field of dentistry procedures, new methods have been introduced for making dental procedures safe and protective. 

One such improved method involves the method of same day crowns. It is also known as CEREC or Chairside crowns. And due to several unique features, patients try to know the main differences between same day crowns vs traditional crowns. And we will discuss the important and main benefits of same day crowns in this article.  

8 Important Benefits Of Same Day Crowns:

Following are some of the main benefits of the same day crowns you can have if you are looking for same day crowns near Stamford.

1. Affordable Price:

The first and main benefit or pro of same day crowns is that as compared with traditional crowns, the price of same day crowns is cheaper and the treatment is done at an affordable rate. Patients who need treatment for their infected, decayed, or damaged tooth love to experience this procedure and get healthy brand new teeth instead. 

2. Time-Saving Process:

Unlike traditional crowns, where you have to wait for almost 14 days or more to get your treatment done, here you can easily do your important chores because it is a time-saving process and can be done quickly so you don’t have to be worried about missing those things which require your attention.

3. Instant Recovery:

One of the main benefits of same day crowns is that it provides instant recovery to their users so they are allowed to eat the food of their likes. Even if you think that something is not perfect with your crowns, you can tell your prosthodontist right on the spot about it, as he will make it right for you without wasting any time.

4. Use Of Advanced Technology:

Some of the main benefits of same day crowns involve the use of advanced technology in the making of crowns which helps patients as well as dentists to instantly prepare new and permanent crowns for the patients without any delay and make sure that it is without any flaw to avoid any sort of issues or problems from the patient’s side.

5. Custom-Built Crowns:

Another important benefit of same-day crowns is that the custom-built crowns are prepared according to the size, design, and other requirements of the patients so they can be satisfied by taking the services of same-day crowns. And can experience a great time with their newly built caps or crowns.

6. Momentary Crowns:

Unlike traditional crowns, where patients have to wear momentary crowns until the permanent crowns for their teeth are ready which can be an uncomfortable experience for them to wear it first and then remove it again to wear a new one can be quite hectic but keeping in view the discomfort of the patients, same-day crowns provide the facility of wearing only one type of permanent crowns according to the size and requirements of the patients o they don’t have to be bothered about changing it again and again and visiting the dentist for that purpose.

Momentary Crowns

7. Treatment Done In Just One Day:

Another important benefit of the same-day crowns involves treatment done in just one day so people who have some other plans or have important matters to look after can easily do it as the treatment will only take a few hours of their precious time. Whereas for traditional crowns, you have to fix 2 or more appointments with the dentist for the completion of your treatment. And in such a case people feel annoyed due to visiting the dentist again and again.

8. LifeSpan Of The Crown:

Some other benefits of same day crowns involve the lifespan of the crowns which can last longing to more than 15 years if you maintain the health of your crowns according to the advice your dentist or prosthodontist suggested to you. The same-day crowns are made with such materials which increases the power of your crowns so you can easily chew your food without removing the crowns and it also helps you not to worry about your crowns being broken or damaged while eating.


The benefits of same day crowns are various because this treatment is made keeping in view the problems patients face due to the limited possibilities in traditional crowns even if it is a safe and good procedure for teeth. But certain points count on the negative side of traditional crowns due to which many people prefer the procedure of same-day crowns nowadays.

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