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Braces With Implants?

Braces With Implants

Sometimes we all get into some sort of accidents or tragedies through which we lose our teeth or they may get a little misaligned. And in such cases we think about getting a treatment to get our teeth aligned or fill the gap between them. And for that we select braces or dental implants as most of the people nowadays choose dental implants so they can easily hide the gap between their teeth. 

What Dental Implants Are and Can You Wear Braces With Implants?

Dental Implants:

  • Basically dental implants are titanium screws that are placed between the gap to fill it and help people so they can easily chew and speak properly without any problem.
  • On the other hand, there are some conditions in which dental implants are not the best solution you are looking for.
  • Because dental implants are this kind of tooth that cannot move from its place.
  • Real or natural teeth which can move from its place so it makes things a little messy for you. 

Now there is a question popping up in your mind that if you do dental implants then can you wear braces with it or if you wear braces then can you do dental implants with it. So we are going to look at the reasons and criteria’s which might help us get our answer for the question: braces with implants?

Wear Braces Before Dental Implants?

If you still have not gone into a dental implants treatment then you can wear braces as this is an easy way to do it as compared to doing it after you have done dental implants as it will be painful for you to wear braces once you have done dental implants. Because it will be an obstacle in the way of braces due to the teeth and areas it has covered. 

Braces around dental implants:

If your dental implants are in a perfect position and there is no severe issue in moving the other teeth then there is no problem in wearing braces around it. Also there are some medical tools that will help you easily replace the tooth or in wearing braces. This process can be a little difficult if the implants are a little misplaced so it can cause problems and if you really want to wear braces then you should replace the implants first. It’s not an impossible thing that you can’t wear braces with implants but you have to be careful about certain things.

Because there is always an option for you to align your teeth and make them perfect. Braces with implants are not difficult but if you are just using braces to fill up the gaps between your teeth then dental implants are a better option and if you are suffering from overcrowded teeth or misaligned teeth then we prefer you to wear braces as they are the best option in that case.

There are Certain Risks Involved in Dental Implants

It requires surgery which involves chances of failure through which you might lose very important abilities like chewing and talking to someone else properly. 

  • It is also suggested that you can take orthodontic treatment first before doing dental implants as it will make it a safe procedure to continue then.
  • As orthodontists treatment is always given before having implants because it will ensure that the dental implants are fitted in a perfect position. Which will save you from any further fuss.
  • Plus your orthodontist will give you all the possible options about having braces with implants or doing implants first then braces. 
  • He can also tell you and your dentist that how long a time period is suitable for you to take dental implants as after taking an orthodontist treatment.
  • Because before you do dental implants there is a proper check-up of your teeth and gums waiting for you so in case you have any irregularity or issue with your teeth they can postpone your treatment 
  • If you are not stable in health, taking such a treatment will only make your condition worse and you’ll end up in an emergency case.

You can wear braces before dental implants because as they are not movable as compared to natural teeth they will be difficult to handle then so if the teeth are all in aligned position then it will be much easier for the Dental Implant to be taken place. So the thing is you can wear braces with implants but after working on the following precautions given above.

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