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Can A Dentist Remove A Root Canal Tooth?

Can A Dentist Remove A Root Canal Tooth

When your teeth are facing severe pain and problems, there are different safe dentistry procedures through which you can finish your pain and live a healthy life. One such procedure is a root canal treatment through which infected or severely damaged teeth are restored. This process is done by a more qualified and experienced root canal specialist

The root canal before and after the process is a little lengthy process. Rest assured as the root canal is a trusted treatment, but sometimes if not properly operated or due to any other reasons or negligence during operation, it can lead to removal of your root canal tooth through tooth extraction. And today we’re going to discuss in detail when “can a dentist remove a root canal tooth.”

When Can A Dentist Remove A Root Canal Tooth?

A root canal is a painless treatment that proves to be successful for many people but if you’re facing certain conditions even after your treatment is done then you should visit your dentist and find a better solution for your problem. 

5 Conditions For Getting Tooth Extractions:

Following are the circumstances in which the need for tooth extraction arises after your root canal treatment is done.

1. High Infection:

The first condition is that if your tooth or teeth are facing high infections even after your root canal therapy has been completed which is causing too much discomfort for you then you should consider the option of tooth extractions.


2. Extremely Damaged Teeth:

The second condition is that when your teeth are extremely damaged even after getting a root canal treatment then tooth extraction is the best option you have.

3. Fissure of Teeth:

The third condition is that If you got into an accident or injury due to which your teeth are crooked or broken then you should extract your tooth for a better condition to live on.

4. Impossible to Reach:

The fourth condition is that in some cases it is difficult for a dentist to reach certain areas in the mouth during root canal treatment due to which the patient might suffer afterward and this can be a cause of getting tooth extraction.

5. Gingivitis Issues:

The fifth condition is that if you are facing gum issues (bleeding, swelling, etc) while your root canal treatment has been completed then consulting a dentist for tooth extraction is the best thing to do to save your teeth from further issues.

4 Other Options In Case Of Root Canal Failure:

The following are the main alternatives that you can use for your teeth to avoid extreme pain in your teeth after your root canal treatment has failed.

1. Dental Plates:

The best way to avoid tooth extraction is to get a treatment of dental plates which is a safe and secure treatment for damaged teeth and you can use it to make sure that your teeth are perfectly fine.

2. Dental Bridges:

Another way for dealing with root canal failure is to get a treatment of dental bridges in which a false tooth is placed between the place of the tooth you have extracted and with the help of safe tools and materials this procedure is done so you can smile confidently.

3. Half or Complete Dentures:

A best yet very comfortable way to avoid tooth extraction is to use removable dentures which are available for partial or complete sets of teeth according to your requirements and you can easily clean your teeth anytime by removing them and sleep peacefully without worrying about any harmful consequences.

4. Retreating Root Canal:

Or you can just get a retreatment of the root canal and make sure that whatever was the cause of failure you can cover it this time and properly maintain your teeth.

5. Discuss With Your Dentist:

If you feel not uncomfortable with the tooth-extracting option, you can discuss in detail with your dentist the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. There are several other options than extractions of tooth but if the matters are getting out of control after root canal treatment then it is a good option for you because many people recover their problems which are disturbing them due to root canal. Your dentist is the right person who can help you with making a wise decision for your teeth’s safety.


In the end, the answer to Can a dentist remove a root canal tooth is that the final decision will be of your dentist who will thoroughly examine all the possibilities you can use in case of root canal failure and don’t have to suffer due to pain or other issues with your teeth.

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