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Dental Inlay VS Filling

6 Important Differences Between Dental Inlay VS. Filling

Dealing with dental issues such as teeth that are decomposing and need replacement is very painful to bear. For the safety and comfort of such patients, two main methods are used on patients. Restorative Dentistry and filling are the best dental treatments for severely rotten or decomposed teeth. But which one is better and affordable for you? And that’s why we are going to discuss the main differences between dental inlay vs filling.

Dental inlay vs filling

6 Main Differences Between Dental Inlay VS Filling

Following are some of the main differences among dental inlay vs filling which are mentioned below.

1. Functioning and Access:

The first main difference is that both of them are used to replace the teeth which are in very bad condition due to cavities. The fillings are used for normal-level replacement of the damaged teeth. Dental inlays are used for replacing teeth that are in intense condition. The fillings are properly adjusted in the teeth of the patient, so they look just like the original teeth without any change.

2. Longevity:

The second difference is between the period of longevity. Both of them are made from a mixture of different strong materials. However, longevity depends on how the patient gives attention to his oral health. Whether he is using dental inlays or fillings, keeping his teeth clean and healthy should be his main goal. Dental inlay is the right choice if you are looking for stability and durability for a long time.

Because the materials used in inlays are more powerful than fillings a person can use them for a longer period. Due to this, you don’t have to change it again and again from the dentist. But proper maintenance of oral health is the most important task that you should not avoid.

3. Personalized:

The third difference is that fillings are positioned right in the cavities and fit according to the shape of your teeth. The beauty of your teeth increases due to the use of dental fillings. But dental inlays are custom-built. Due to this, they require a little more time than dental fillings. 

These inlays are perfect in size according to your teeth. Also, they can adopt the same appearance as your original teeth. Which makes it very difficult for people to find out if you’re wearing dental inlays or not.

4. Price:

The fourth difference between dental inlay vs filling is that dental fillings are very budget-friendly options for decomposed teeth replacement. Because it can easily fit in your teeth without waiting for the new filling to be prepared or something. But dental inlays are an expensive yet best option for the replacement of rotten or damaged teeth. The custom-prepared inlay increases the demand of the procedure of the dental inlays. 

5. Total Appointments:

The fifth difference is that the dental inlay is a little tangled procedure due to the preparation of the personalized inlay. And that is it takes more than one appointment to the dentist. If you can easily manage to go to the dentist for more than one time, then choosing dental inlay is the right option. But if you want a quick method to install replacement teeth in your mouth, then dental fillings are the best option. Because the dentist can do this procedure in just one appointment.  

6. Performance of the Teeth:

The sixth difference between dental inlay vs filling is that both of these methods increase the performance and working of your teeth. A person can chew his food properly without missing his favorite snacks. A person can give a presentation in his office fully confident without feeling embarrassed. And you can also spend quality time with your family or friends with a happy and proud smile. 

Selecting Between Dental Inlay VS Filling

For choosing the right option for your problematic teeth, you have to consider different things. First of all, you have to visit your dentist for a thorough checkup. To ensure the severity or normalness of the dental issue. Also, you have to make sure that the treatment he is suggesting to you is in your range. Also, make sure that you are replacing your teeth just for proper functioning or for making your teeth presentable too. 

The area where you want to replace the teeth also matters. If the case is severe, the dentist will recommend dental inlay. And if the issue is in its starting stage, then the dental filling is suggested. Then fix a specific day when you want to get treated according to your schedule. People also want to know the details of another dental treatment, Dental Implants.

Final Words

Dental inlay vs. filling highly depends on various factors and differences in their performance, longevity, price, appointments, custom-built or traditional fillings, etc. Make sure to confirm your dental issue with your dentist properly. So, he can suggest the best treatment for your oral health. Also, make sure to have access to the Stamford Emergency Dentist in any urgent situations.

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