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6 Amazing Differences Between Dental Inlay VS. Crown

Differences Between Dental Inlay vs Crown

Finding the best treatment for your teeth needs proper care. If you’re suffering from teeth issues like broken, chipped, or teeth gone bad due to cavities. Because there are different dental treatments to solve dental issues. Such as dental inlays and crowns. But choosing between dental inlay vs. crown depends on different factors and requirements of the patients. 

6 Important Differences Between Dental Inlay VS. Crown:

Understanding the main differences between dental inlay vs. crown is very important. It will help you decide the right type of treatment for your teeth issues.


The first main difference between dental inlay vs. crown is that dental crown is done after root canal therapy. When you experience any trauma resulting in any teeth accidents or broken, chipped, or other teeth issues. The crown is made according to the size of the teeth of the patient. It is made in the dental laboratories. It is a perfect match according to the shape of the teeth. It is easy to wear and patients feel relief from their pain.

On the other hand, dental inlay is also a great dental treatment for treating severely damaged teeth due to cavities. And the issues cannot be solved with normal filling or dental crown. It is a safe procedure. Because it does not involve removing much of the tooth structure during the procedure. The inlay cover is also made in the dental laboratories. Because it is important to fit it according to the size of the teeth. 


The second difference is that the materials used in the preparation of both these covers are different. The materials used in the making of the dental crown cover involve porcelain, mostly ceramic crowns. But the other materials include gold, porcelain fused with metal, etc. All of these materials are durable. Due to this, the longevity of the covers is reliable. 

On the contrary, inlays are made from porcelain too. But they are made from composite porcelain too. It is important to ensure that the color of the natural teeth matches with the covers prepared for the teeth. Due to this, people trust the treatment of dental inlays too. 

Severity Of Issues:

The third difference is that the severity of the dental issues also matters. Because when you visit your dentist for a thorough checkup. He examines the condition of your teeth. Then if your teeth need small or simple dental treatments, inlays are the suggested treatment. 

On the other hand, dental crowns are placed on your teeth when they are severely damaged. Such conditions of the teeth require proper care. That’s why dental crowns are a popular treatment for severely damaged teeth.

Time In Procedure:

The fourth difference between dental inlay vs. crown is the time of the procedure. When it comes to the procedure of the dental crowns, it is sometimes done after a root canal. So the preparation of the fixed crown takes time. But when it is installed in a patient’s teeth, it usually takes more than an hour. It depends on the severity of the issue too. And if you are not taking the root canal treatment, just the dental crown treatment. It also affects the period of the treatment. 

On the contrary, dental inlays are installed in the teeth in almost two visits to the dentist. The first visit involves detaching the affected teeth area. And replacing it with a temporary inlay. It is placed on the patient’s teeth on the second visit. But after a permanent cover is prepared from the dental labs. It can take more than half an hour to install the new permanent inlay cover carefully.

Confident Smile:

The fifth difference is that dental crowns not only improve the functioning of the teeth. But it also gives you a confident smile. You can confidently attend business parties and personal gatherings and smile proudly among them. Your ability to chew food also improves. 

On the other hand, dental inlays are also a good way to increase the beauty of your teeth. Because the inlay covers used on your teeth are prepared according to the natural color of your teeth. Due to this, it is very difficult to differentiate between the original and installed teeth covers. So if you’re very conscious about your teeth, then this is the right option for you.


The sixth difference is that dental crowns are more durable and can last longer than inlays. Due to the use of different powerful materials, dental crowns can last more than 16 years. If you act upon all the advice of your dentist and maintain your oral health.

On the other hand, dental inlays also last for a longer time if proper oral health is maintained. And it can last for at least 11 years. But the way it is installed also matters. 


Dental inlay vs. crown depends on various important factors. Like the function of both treatments, longevity, time required for the treatment, cost, and many other factors. You should always use the type of dental treatment which is suitable for your health and budget. The treatment of dental implants is also used to treat different severe dental issues.

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