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Top 7 Enamel Erosion Causes To Know About

Enamel Erosion Causes

There are different dental problems from which people suffer on a daily basis. Erosion of the tooth enamel is an important dental issue. In which the enamel of the teeth starts to wear off. It is important to know the main enamel erosion causes so you can take preventive measures easily. There are seven important causes of teeth enamel erosion that you must know about. 

Enamel Erosion Causes:

One of the questions dental patients feel confused about is what causes enamel erosion. When you know the different enamel erosion causes. You can deal with this issue properly by consulting with the dentist and ensuring a safe treatment. Your dental health can become better and healthier. Solving erosion of the enamel is possible with dental bonding for enamel loss. The following are the main causes of enamel erosion. 

Diet Routine:

The first reason for enamel erosion causes is the diet routine of a person. Consuming too many acidic foods, drinks, and sugary items can lead to the destruction and weakening of the tooth enamel. Fruits that are highly citrus, consumed in whatever shape. Can play a massive role in affecting the enamel of the teeth of a person. When you consume all of these dietary products, it can affect the quality of your teeth’ enamel. And it results in the erosion of your teeth enamel. 

Uncontrolled Puking Issue:

The second reason for enamel erosion causes is that some people have the problem of vomiting very much. 

  • This issue is known as “Regurgitation”. 
  • When the contents stored in the stomach again and again come into contact with the teeth surface of a person. It leads to erosion of the tooth enamel. 
  • The acidic content a person eats is very powerful. It can easily dissolve different types of bones or teeth surfaces, too. 
  • The first thing you can notice in the affected person is that the colour of their teeth changes. And a light yellow coloured stain is visible on their teeth. 
  • The dentine of the teeth is exposed due to the erosion of tooth enamel. 
  • There are different causes that why is vomiting happening again and again. 
  • The person can also become a victim of teeth sensitivity. Eating their favourite foods can become quite challenging for them. 
  • When the enamel erosion reaches your blood and nervous system, you may have to deal with severe pain. 
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is the main reason that can lead to enamel weakening and wearing out. 

Eating Disorders:

The third reason is some people have a habit of eating too much without feeling satisfied. The person has no control over their habit of binging on different food items. After eating too much, they can use different ways to exclude the content from their body. Vomiting and purging the content can help them feel relaxed. 

But they also do these things to ensure they don’t gain any weight. This habit is common in different people without any solid reason. It can be a hereditary issue, too. People may have this issue running in their family for a long time, and then it shifted in them, too. 

Quantity Of Saliva:

The fourth reason is the reduction in the quantity of saliva. If the person’s mouth remains dry very often due to different diseases and taking any medications, etc. It can result in corrupting the enamel of the teeth. Certain medications can reduce the level of saliva in your mouth. When your mouth remains constantly dry, it can result in enamel erosion. 

Natural Issue:

The fifth reason is that people can get this issue from any of their family members. So, we can say it can also be a genetic or hereditary issue. Another important thing to be noted is that people can get this issue due to working in a hazardous environment. Where different harmful chemicals are used. Spending too much time in such an environment can result in weak teeth enamel. 


The sixth reason is putting too much pressure and grinding your teeth. It can also lead to erosion of the teeth’ enamel. People who cannot find any other way to suppress their frustration and anger grind their teeth instead. 

Idiopathic Erosion Of The Enamel:

The seventh reason is that there is a situation where identifying the exact reason for enamel erosion is impossible. This situation is known as Idiopathic enamel erosion. 


The summary of enamel erosion causes involves seven main reasons. All of these reasons are important to consider because they can affect the durability of your natural tooth enamel. It is important to have a responsible dentist who can treat this issue like dentists at Supreme Dental CT

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