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Enamel Erosion Symptoms : Top 5 That You Must Know About 

Enamel Erosion Symptoms

The human body consists of different protective parts. That protects the human body internally and externally from other harmful diseases. But when a person eats different kinds of items made from acidic solid components. They can lead to various severe problems. One such issue is enamel erosion of the tooth surface. There are different tooth enamel erosion symptoms. Knowing these symptoms can help you take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your dental health. 

Enamel Erosion Symptoms: 

Enamel is a translucent outer layer that covers the surface of the teeth. It is also known as dental bonding. It is a hard protective layer against dangerous bacteria, toxins, etc. But as time passes, the enamel of the teeth starts to wear off for several reasons. There are different essential symptoms of tooth enamel erosion that you must know about. Some significant dental enamel erosion symptoms are given below. 


The first important enamel erosion symptom is a severe toothache. You can feel pain all day in your teeth. Due to this, your ability to perform your social activities also reduces. The main reason for this pain is that the dentine of the teeth is exposed. To different harmful chemicals in your mouth. Your teeth develop a yellowish dangerous layer on the teeth surface, which can lead to enamel erosion.

Thin Edges:

One of the second symptoms of enamel erosion is that the edges of your teeth become thin and transparent. Tiny cracks and dents on the teeth begin to appear. Due to this, you can also experience dental cavities in your teeth. Due to minor accidents and traumas, your teeth become weak and easily chipped or broken. These symptoms are sometimes devastating and can make the person feel very low and frustrated. 

Tooth Sensitivity:

One of the third symptoms of enamel erosion is tooth sensitivity. You cannot eat anything hot or cold. You can feel intense sensations and pain when you try to eat anything like you do in your everyday routine. Drinking or eating both tasks become very challenging to cope with. You would feel teeth sensitive even if you’re eating sugary food or drinks. 

Difficulty In Chewing:

The fourth symptom is that people can experience difficulty chewing their food. They cannot easily chew their food without feeling pain. This happens because the enamel is worn off, and the dentine is exposed. You should know about dental bonding for enamel loss, a curative treatment for enamel erosion.

Shape Of Teeth Changes:

The fifth symptom is that the shape of the teeth also changes due to the different symptoms of enamel erosion. Your teeth’ edges can become rounded and complicated due to the wearing off of the tooth enamel. Your teeth can become too short or too lengthy. In some cases, people can also experience enamel erosion. Where the complete enamel is dissolved, and the shape of the teeth changes completely. 

6 Essential Causes Of Enamel Erosion:

After knowing the main enamel erosion symptoms. It’s time to understand the crucial causes of tooth enamel erosion. The following are the habits or natural things that can lead to the wearing off of the enamel of the teeth. 

  • When you drink acidic drinks, whether hot or cold, made up of harmful chemicals. Drinking them constantly can lead to wearing off the enamel of your teeth. The same happens when you overeat sweet, acidic fruits or other content. 
  • If you’re suffering from GERD or acid reflux issues. The harmful acids reaching the tooth enamel repeatedly can lead to the corrosion of the tooth enamel.
  • Some people have naturally weak and unhealthy tooth enamel. When they constantly consume even a tiny quantity of dangerous acidic components. It can lead to erosion of the teeth’ enamel. 
  • Using a hard-bristled toothbrush and using it with full force can affect the stability of enamel, leading to enamel erosion. 
  • The habit of grinding your teeth due to the excessiveness of different emotions. Can hurt you, and it plays a massive role in the corrosion of the tooth enamel. Some people develop a habit of eating too much and then vomiting it to ensure they remain fit. 
  • For people who drink addictive things without limits, smoke cigarettes, or have other addictive habits, their enamel can erode quickly. 


To conclude, regarding the main enamel erosion symptoms. It is vital to know the essential measures you can use to prevent the growth of enamel erosion.  You must visit Supreme Dental CT if you’re dealing with enamel erosion. Taking the services of a skilled and professional dentist can help you understand your issue. And follow some specific habits to improve your condition.   

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