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Enamel Erosion Treatment : A Perfect Guide To Know About

Enamel Erosion Treatment

Tooth enamel is a useful outer covering on the tooth surface to protect it from harmful chemicals, bacteria, toxins, etc. One important dental issue that is becoming very famous is enamel erosion. Enamel is an outer hard covering of the teeth. Still, when different harmful substances come into contact with the enamel when we eat something regularly. It becomes weak and leads to the erosion of the enamel. Knowing a helpful enamel erosion treatment is essential. So that people can protect their dental health and have a healthy life.

Enamel Erosion Treatment:

When the protective layer of the enamel is compromised. It exposes the dentine and ruins the beauty and power of your teeth. You must know how to fix enamel erosion to protect your dental health. The treatment for enamel erosion is different for all people according to the level of their issue. The following are some of the important enamel erosion repair methods you should try if you suffer from this issue. 

The Fluoride Method:

The fluoride treatment is the first method you can use for enamel erosion treatment. Fluoride is a very powerful component many dentists use for restrengthening the teeth and eliminating the weakness of the teeth. This treatment can be done in different forms, such as varnishes, gel foams, etc.

Teeth Bonding:

The second enamel erosion treatment you can use is teeth or dental bonding for enamel lose. A tooth-matching colored resin is applied to the affected tooth and bonded securely on the enamel. You can cure small-level cracks, chips, discoloration, and other issues caused by enamel erosion. You can enhance the beauty of your teeth easily through teeth bonding. 

Dental Veneers:

The third treatment is dental veneers. When your enamel erosion reaches a severe level, using dental veneers is suggested. They are custom-made pencil-thin shells made from strong materials like composite and porcelain. That fit comfortably into your teeth without any issue. You can get rid of your teeth’ flaws easily by installing dental veneers into your teeth. Plus, you can maintain a natural-looking appearance of your teeth without anyone finding out you’re wearing any covers. 

Dental Crowns:

The fourth treatment of enamel erosion is using dental crowns. When the structure of your teeth is intensely damaged, you can use dental crowns as an effective solution. Dental crowns are safe covers that cover the whole teeth, providing relief and safety to the teeth. The power and stability of your teeth also increase in this way. 

Composite Fillings:

The fifth treatment in how to treat enamel erosion is composite fillings. Like its name, composite fillings are used to eliminate and restore the damage caused by dental caries through enamel erosion. Composite fillings are of the same color as your original teeth. You can increase the beauty of your teeth plus improve the functioning of your teeth, too.

Fissure Sealants:

The sixth treatment is fissure sealants. When your teeth are in a very bad condition, you can use fissure or dental sealants as an effective solution. To improve the condition of your teeth. A safe, pencil-thin layer is applied on the bicuspid and molar teeth. You can prevent the damage of the enamel erosion with this treatment. 

Changes In Diet And Habits:

The seventh treatment is changes in your habits and diet. One important question people ask is, can you fix enamel erosion? The answer to this question is positive. You can avoid using an unhealthy diet with acidic content. And if you’re dealing with any medical issue, you should get proper help from an experienced doctor. Because these issues can lead to weakening the enamel of your teeth and leading to corrosion. Make sure to choose a diet that provides calcium and phosphorous. So you can have a healthy lifestyle and good dental health.

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Following Extra Precautions of Enamel Erosion:

Now that you know about 7 enamel erosion treatments. It’s important to know some precautions you must follow to ensure that the damage to the enamel can be fixed. You must go to your dentist for proper checkups. And then ask him about different measures to enhance the protection of your tooth enamel. 

Also, you should properly consult a doctor if you’re experiencing pain or dry mouth due to taking some specific medicines. Eating unsweetened gums or different types of food can help you create saliva in your mouth in a balanced quantity. Ensuring your mouth does not remain dry. 


To conclude enamel erosion treatment, people suffering from enamel erosion need proper consultation. And effective measures to cure their dental issue. It is important to help them and take necessary precautions that can prevent the growth of enamel erosion. But if it reaches a severe level, it is very important to use the seven treatments mentioned above. 

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