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Simply Explained How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

How Long Does A Root Canal Take

Dealing with a tooth whose pulp is in bad condition and which is causing trouble for you is very difficult due to the pain, agony, and trauma you have to go through. And in such a case, properly treating such infected teeth is very important. The best solution is to get a root canal treatment for such teeth. In which you do not have to pull out your teeth completely and can enjoy a good and healthy smile with pride. A root canal procedure is done by an expert root canal specialist

And patients usually want to know “How long does a root canal take” if they’re going to take this treatment? Because everyone’s time is precious and having a rough overview about it is a must for patients so they can schedule their routines easily. But there are some conditions to know if you need a root canal treatment.

5 Signs To Know Are You Eligible For A Root Canal?

If you are feeling or experiencing the following situations, then you might be the perfect candidate for taking a root canal treatment. And you should contact your dentist for a checkup to confirm it from him too.

  • Whenever you eat something hot or cold, you feel extreme teeth sensitivity which is not a normal sign.
  • Your gums are bleeding and swelling without any reason
  • You are experiencing extreme pain in your teeth all the time
  • The color of your teeth is blemishing
  • You feel a bad smell in your mouth all the time

But if you are dealing with any other teeth issues then a root canal may not be a good solution for you as it might be a source of more pain for you. Your dentist might help you by telling you alternatives and how to avoid root canals so you can treat your teeth better without them.

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

The tie period for the treatment of a root canal depends on different things. But normally, a root canal treatment is done between 1 to 3 hours if the issue is not very severe, the process is completed in one visit to your dentist otherwise the orthodontist will require more time to complete the process and may require you to give him a visit again. 

3 Types Of Teeth And The Time They Need For A Root Canal:

How long does a root canal take also depends on the expertness level of your orthodontist? If the orthodontist or endodontist has been doing the root canal treatment for a long time, his experience also increases or decreases the period of your root canal treatment. The different types of teeth with the severity of teeth issues require different types of periods for the completion of the process.

1. Wisdom Tooth or Molar:

The first type of tooth is wisdom teeth or molars. They are located in the back of your teeth which helps you in properly eating your food. That is why, it is a time taking procedure to do a root canal treatment on your molars teeth. Normally it requires 2 or 2.5 hours to complete a root canal treatment on a molar or wisdom tooth. 

Wisdom Tooth or Molar

2. Bicuspids or Premolars:

The second type of tooth we have is a bicuspid or premolar tooth. It is located at the front part of the molars and the back of the cuspid teeth. Bicuspid teeth are quite easy and less time-consuming for root canal treatment as compared with wisdom or molar teeth. It normally takes 50 minutes to a total of one hour for the completion of the root canal procedure.

3. Cuspid or Eye-Tooth:

The third but the most important type of tooth in your mouth is a cuspid or eye tooth. As they are long in size and have a sharp-edged appearance. They are known by different types of names. Compared with molars and premolars, cuspid teeth take very less time for a root canal treatment because they are located in the front side of your mouth which is easy to reach. The period of the completion of a root canal treatment on a cuspid or eye-tooth is from 40-45 minutes normally. 


Now you can understand properly “how long does a root canal take” so you can schedule your appointments with your dentists and get a safe and secure treatment for healthy teeth without any pain and infection. You can ask your dentist too about the different side effects, periods, and benefits of taking a root canal treatment for infected teeth. If you avoid your teeth issues, it will only grow more and result in more severe issues which will cost more than a root canal treatment.

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