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How Long Does A Same Day Crown Take?

Explained Simply How Long Does A Same Day Crown Take

Dental crowns are a trustworthy option for replacing damaged teeth with a crown. But to fix the flaws of dental crowns, a new and improved type of dental crown is introduced, known as the single, CEREC, or same day crowns. This involves using the latest technology to make your crowns’ design permanent, and installing them on your teeth without difficulty is a perfect choice for people who prefer something which can easily adjust with their timing. 

Another important treatment is a same day root canal done in a single visit. But how long does a same day crown take compared to a traditional or metal crown? Let’s find out together.

Complete Guide: How Long Does A Same Day Crown Take?

To understand better how long a same day crown take, you should know the whole same day process from making to installation.

Use Of CAD and CAM:

A good way to find how long a same day crown take is to know that the use of the advanced technology that we have mentioned earlier is CAD or CAM, through which designs for the crowns are made and then with the help of improved scanners, the inner view of the teeth is taken for the making of the crown by adding a layer of porcelain or ceramic in it. 

This whole process is done in front of the customer, and it can usually take 1 and a half to two hours straight to complete. And you may not have to wear temporary crowns like metal crowns, and all of this procedure is done in just a single appointment. So the answer to your question, how long does a same day crown take, can be satisfying before fixing your appointment with your dentist.

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How Long Do Same Crowns Last?:

The period for the life of the same day crowns depends on different types of characteristics. Which can either reduce or increase the lifespan of your same day crowns. They are given below.

1. Use Of Ceramic:

The first characteristic that can increase or decrease the life of your same day crowns is that they are made from a single type of material, ceramic or porcelain. It is mighty; you can easily chew your food without fearing your crowns being broken and use them for longer.

2. Proper Teeth Care:

The second notable thing is how much care you are giving your teeth. Brushing two times a day and using mouth floss, wearing a bite splint, or consulting with a dentist by visiting him for regular updates and new ways of oral health is very important because they have proper knowledge about the different teeth conditions. 

If the crowns are not fit according to the size of your teeth or if you are suffering from pain, gums issues, or severe infections, your dentist can treat you and provide you with a quick solution which can be the main reason for your problem. Avoiding hard substance food is not necessary in the case of same day crowns, but if you want to increase the durability of your crowns, then eating soft foods like cereals, yogurt, and soft fruits can be the best choice.

3. Your Biting Strength:

If your teeth are not aligned properly, this improper alignment can cause trouble for you as when you chew your food, sometimes you cannot control the strength of your chewing, and if you bite or chew harder, your crowns can be broken, which can lead to severe injuries in your mouth or teeth.

4. Usual Life-Span:

If proper care is not taken, the crowns cannot function properly, leading to problems like infection in teeth, gums bleeding and swelling, and broken or discolored teeth, which require medical treatment to recover fully. But the usual lifespan, if proper care and precautions are taken, is 11-15 years. It can exceed this period, too, if you follow your dentist’s instructions.


How long does a same day crown take is prevalent query patients have in their mind while searching the details about the procedure of same day crowns. The answer is just one short visit to your dentist, who will hand over the case to a more professional and experienced dentist, the prosthodontist. He will conduct the treatment professionally using the right tools and strategies, ensuring you may not feel a little pain. 

It is a safe treatment, and many people are taking it due to the trust and security it gives people, as it does not require more than one visit to the dentist. Crown after root canal is not recommended immediately until the effect of the previous treatment is entirely gone, and consulting with your dentist is also essential.

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