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How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last

Tooth bonding is an effective and budget-friendly dental treatment for people with minor dental issues. The installation procedure of tooth bonding is simple, and the dentist doesn’t require a numbing medicine to start the procedure. A bonding material matching the colour of your teeth is attached carefully over your treatment-required teeth. 

Which is then designed to get a specific shape. Then, with an advanced curing light, the bonding material is stabilised on its spot. But people who want to use composite bonding wish to ask, how long does tooth bonding last. Checking the different factors that can affect the durability of the composite bonding is crucial.

7 Mind-Blowing Factors To Know: How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

Tooth bonding lasts typically between six to ten years. However, it is crucial to know that there are different factors affecting the longevity of tooth bonding. Making it last for a few years only. 

Poor Dental Health:

The first factor in how long does tooth bonding last affecting the life of tooth bonding is poor dental health. When you ignore every day brushing your teeth twice a day, using mouth floss And visiting the dentist for regular cleanups and checkups. Then it can affect the life of the bonded teeth and as a result, dental bonding wears off.

Eating Unhealthy Diet:

The second factor in how long does dental bonding last is eating an unhealthy diet. Yes, there are certain things prohibited for a patient when he installs tooth bonding in his teeth. But when he eats crispy, spicy, crunchy, foods and drinks hot and cold drinks. Then all of these habits can lead to the corrosion of your bonded teeth. If you’re a smoker or addict of any other drug-related category. Then it can also affect the beauty of your teeth, making them yellowish. Due to this factor, the life of your dental bonded teeth remains unhealthy and short-lived. 

Grinding Teeth:

The third factor is there are certain bad habits which a person builds up and cannot get rid of easily. These habits include putting pressure on your teeth without any cause or issue. During feeling tensed, sad, happy, angry or other feelings, such people start grinding their teeth or chewing hard things. These habits prove dangerous for the health of your teeth and your bonding material faces wear and tear. 

Quality Of The Material Used:

The fourth factor is you should know what type of dental material is used for installing the teeth bonding. If the material is of good quality, the life of tooth bonding increases with the help of proper dental hygiene. However, if the dentist uses low-quality materials during the installation procedure. Then the bonded teeth cannot provide you with long-term support. 

Skills Of The Dentist Matters:

The fifth factor is that choosing the right dentist is very important in teeth bonding. If the dentist is inexperienced in the installation of composite bonding. Then it can affect the installation quality of the composite bonding Which then affects the quality of the bonded material leading to wear and tear. 

Teeth Location Matters:

The sixth factor is that if the teeth where you want to install the dental bonding are difficult to reach. Then it can result in quick wear and tear of the bonded material. If the composite bonding is installed in an easy-to-reach area, then it can provide longevity to the tooth bonding.

Natural Corrosion:

The seventh factor is that with time, the composite bonded teeth show signs of wear and tear. It is suggested to repair them from time to otherwise it can lead to bigger dental issues. You should also know how long does a root canal take.


To conclude, how long does tooth bonding last? You should know that neglecting several oral health and diet-related factors. Can lead to the wear and tear of the composite bonded teeth. Choosing an experienced dentist, maintaining a good and healthy oral diet and habits, etc. Is very important if you want to enjoy a stunning smile for many years. Check out the main teeth bonding disadvantages.

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