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Have you ever felt that you want to eat your favorite food but can’t eat it just because you have a toothache? I experienced that and I know some of you have too! You can’t eat anything sweet or spicy, hot or cold due to your pain and tooth sensitivity. Now maybe you are wondering how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

Unfortunately for those who are suffering with extremely sensitive teeth, this happens all too often and they have no issue other than to stop themselves from eating their favorite food/snacks. There are some very dangerous diseases such as “Bulimia” and “Gastroesophageal Reflux” and people who are suffering from them should take serious measures for their dental care routines. Because it can cause tooth pain, cavity and sensitivity. Which can cause serious issues for you to treat cold sensitive teeth.

Teeth sensitivity can be caused by different measures and causes such as hardly brushing your teeth, using hard surfaced toothbrush or chemical based products or aging also among other causes. Some people use braces to make their teeth align but it is very difficult for them to take care of their teeth properly as different food particles get stuck in their braces and during brushing their teeth they face difficulty and pain to remove them which also causes irritation in case of failure. In such cases one may be wondering how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

If you’re suffering from teeth sensitivity and due to which you have to leave cold and hot drinks and food for a while which is a painful experience for you then it’s the right time for you to book an appointment for yourself. There are different things that can lead to tooth sensitivity and getting knowledge about them is the first step.

Major Mistakes that can lead to Teeth Sensitivity:

Enamel is the main part of teeth and anything that damages the enamel causes the teeth to be weak and sensitive. The enamel is an outer layer of teeth which is hard and translucent and makes its surface hard and smooth. It protects from the inside the roots, nerves and pulps of teeth. For getting a supply of nutrients from time to time and making your teeth healthy, these components are very important and to make sure that it is safely and securely attached with our jaw bone. So you must know basic knowledge about how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

When teeth become sensitive, it is a sign that this defensive layer of enamel has been compromised. There are different ways this can happen. If you have a cavity, for example, acid formed by bacteria and decay has eaten into the enamel and exposed the porous dentin inside.

Unlike enamel, dentin easily allows heat and cold to pass through, resulting in painful sensations when you eat or drink. There are other ways for dentin to become exposed, including cracked or damaged teeth, a receding gum line, or the wearing down of enamel over time. Which makes you think about how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity can also be caused by facial injuries and chipped teeth. Sometimes tooth sensitivity cannot be avoided. The aging process comes with receding gum lines and years of vigorous brushing, which can contribute to tooth sensitivity. People who have had treatments in the past related to their teeth such as braces also have to take important and serious care for their personal hygiene care because any sort of miscare in this issue can also make your teeth sensitive and can cause cavities. But that does not mean that you should be making yourself worried about how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

In case of enamel being weakened or destroyed, the soft components of the tooth from the inside including nerves are exposed to external elements such as air, bacteria, liquids and food particles. Which leads to excessive amount of pain and tooth sensitivity. And you would be really worried about how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

Make Your Teeth Sensitive & Can Damage Your Enamel

Various habits can lead to destruction and weakening of tooth enamel. And its treatment depends on its severity. If you want to know the major mistakes which can make your teeth sensitive and can damage your enamel then here’s 5 steps for you to think about: 

  • Not taking Proper Healthy Diet: If you eat or drink acidic sodas such as energy drinks or beverages like these, tea, coffee, too much spicy or sweet things can destroy your enamel’s protective layer and make it weak which can be a serious cause of tooth sensitivity.
  • Not Taking Care of Personal Hygiene: When not brushing your teeth and floss twice a day, it can be a major reason that the food particles get stuck between one’s teeth and can lead to the production of plaque and cavity based acids. If you brush your teeth too hard and fast, it can make your enamel weak and can cause scratches on it. Also use of hard and bristled toothbrush can also cause pain in your teeth.
  • Gritting Them: If you have a habit of gritting your teeth together while you feel angry or afraid then it can also be a cause to make your enamel weak because when you grit them so hard they will slowly cause your enamel’s protective layer to be broke and weak 
  • Artificial Products: When you use products such as teeth whitening products and use them again and again, they can lead to the destruction and weakness of your tooth enamel due to the harmful chemicals mixed in these products.
  • Not Making Your Health Priority: You felt that something is wrong with your teeth and when you got a proper checkup from the dentist you did a filling for treatment but now it’s been a long time since you did it and you’re again feeling pain in your teeth but you’re avoiding it due to your daily life matter which also can lead to teeth sensitivity.

Cure Options Available for Sensitive Teeth

If You know about the damage level of your tooth enamel then it’s super easy to find a treatment and cure for it in time. But you are thinking how to treat cold sensitive teeth?

Some of the most used cures for sensitive teeth are:

  • Use special toothpaste for sensitive and soft teeth
  • Use special mouthwash twice a day
  • Use fluoride gel
  • Change Your Toothpaste
  • Getting fillings or ceramic crowns on time or getting lost or damaged teeth replaces
  • Getting dental sealants in a month
  • Using dentist prescribed desensitizing pastes and brushes
  • Not compromising on your teeth safety and health
  • Dentists can offer a fluoride gel to strengthen enamel

How to Deal Cold Sensitive Teeth?

Tooth sensitivity can be treated at home so you should not be making yourself worried.

In most of the cases just by using special mouthwashes and toothbrushes specially designed for that purpose. For starting you can change your hygiene routine. Some people avoid it and due to their neglect, they face serious issues only dentists can resolve. But if you want to cure it at home then use toothpastes recommended by your dentists or you can use soft toothbrush also because using a hard toothbrush can also affect your teeth enamel plus you should do brush your teeth twice a day and also not forgetting to pay a visit once in a month to your personal dentist for anything new from him. In case of severe issues, you should go to your dentist’s office and consult with them properly. So you can treat cold sensitive teeth.

Make sure that you come to your dentists or orthodontists properly so that in case of any issue with your teeth they can suggest you proper measures because your health matters. 

If you want your teeth to be perfectly healthy, make sure that you don’t avoid regular checkups with your dentist. You can smile proudly in front of everyone in case you are a shy person so meet your dentist and get proper details from him today.

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