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Discover 6 Main Differences Between Lumineers VS. Porcelain Veneers 

Discover 6 Main Differences Between Lumineers VS. Porcelain Veneers 

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming very popular due to its different types. Two of the main important types include lumineers and porcelain veneers. People take these treatments to improve their tooth beauty, and alignment, and to fill the space between their teeth. But there are several differences between lumineers vs. porcelain veneers. You should know about them in detail. 

Lumineers VS. Porcelain Veneers:

To know the main differences between porcelain veneers vs. lumineers, you should know about their functioning first. 

What Are Lumineer And Porcelain Veneer?

Lumineers and porcelain veneers are used for improving the working and making your teeth stunning. But lumineer vs. porcelain veneers involve differences in their working. The shells of porcelain veneers are custom-made. For normal dental issues, you can install porcelain veneers in your teeth. It is a safe procedure. The space, improper alignment, and stains on your teeth can easily be removed from your teeth. 

Whereas lumineers are used just to give you extra confidence to smile among people. They are more delicate than a porcelain veneer. Also, you don’t have to cut your tooth surface for the installation of lumineer. Due to these differences, you should decide about the cost, features, and functioning of these treatments. Then deciding the suitable dental treatment becomes easy for you.

Important Differences Between Lumineers VS. Porcelain Veneers:

Following are the main differences between lumineers vs. porcelain veneers.

lumineers vs porcelain veneers

Enamel Removal:

The first and main difference between lumineers vs. porcelain veneers is the removal of enamel. The procedure of porcelain veneers involves removing the tooth surface according to the requirement of the dental treatment. It is also removed keeping in view the severity of your dental treatment. 

But when you take lumineers dental treatment. Your tooth surface is not removed, which is a relief for many patients. For a pain and hassle-free dental treatment, lumineers are an incredible option. 


The second difference is that porcelain veneers are slightly deep or thick as compared with lumineers. This is a plus point for porcelain veneers as you can use them for a longer period. But this also involves removing more tooth surfaces. Whereas lumineers are not very deep or thick. So you don’t have to remove the tooth surface and can easily treat your dental issue without any issues. 


The third difference is that due to the strong materials in porcelain veneers. They provide longevity to your teeth once you install them on your teeth. This is because the foundation of porcelain veneers is deep and thick. You can even bear the problem of chewing and speaking easily with the help of porcelain veneers. On the contrary, lumineers provide a little less longevity than porcelain veneers. Because their foundation is thin and requires minimal or no removal of the tooth surface. And they cannot bear the problems of excessive biting or chewing.

Stunning Appearance

The fourth difference is that both of these cosmetic dentistry treatments can provide you with stunning smiles. You can get an original teeth-like appearance. Also, with the treatment of porcelain veneers, you not only get stunning smiles. But also it helps you to get rid of those bad-looking stains or discoloration of your teeth. 


The fifth difference is that people always look for dental treatments. That they can repair from time to time due to wear and tear. But in the dental treatment of porcelain veneers that are thick or deep. You cannot repair it due to excessive removal of the tooth surface. But talking about lumineers, you can repair your lumineers from time to time. Because it does not require enamel removal and that’s why, you can repair them easily.


The sixth difference is the expense of both dental treatments Lumineers vs. veneers. Patients always look for a treatment that is budget-friendly and they can easily afford it. The treatment of porcelain veneers is a little less expensive as compared with lumineers. 

But it depends on different factors like the place where you live. Or the dentist you’re willing to take the treatment from. These factors can increase the price of your dental treatment. On the other hand, lumineers are an expensive dental treatment. Because this treatment is done without taking out the enamel of the teeth. 


To conclude, you must know the differences between lumineers vs. porcelain veneers. Through knowledge about detailed information on dental treatments. You can easily decide if you just want to get a dental treatment to improve your teeth’s beauty. Or if you want a dental treatment through which you can also increase the proper working of your teeth. 

The cost factor is very important. Having an option between expensive or budget-friendly treatments can make it easy for you to decide which treatment you want. Also, discover the important differences between veneers vs. crowns.

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