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An Easy Guide For Replacing Front Teeth With A Bridge

An Easy Guide For Replacing Front Teeth With A Bridge

Teeth loss due to an accident or trauma is very difficult to bear. That can seriously damage your confidence and you will face serious issues in your daily life activities. To avoid this situation, replacing front teeth with a bridge is highly in demand. Because it is a safe dental procedure. And can easily restore your front teeth. Dental implants are another way to replace your lost teeth. To understand replacing front teeth with a bridge, discussing its types, functions, and benefits is very important. 

Replacing Front Teeth With A Bridge:

Dental bridges are dental devices for replacing lost teeth with artificial teeth. There are different kinds of dental bridges. Which we are going to discuss one by one. But don’t feel confused about which type of dental bridge is suitable for you. Because your dentist will thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth first. And then according to the severity of the issue, he will recommend the treatment to you. People are also interested in knowing the multiple teeth replacement procedure.

Four Types Of Dental Bridges:

Four types of dental bridges are commonly used for the replacement of naturally lost teeth. Whose details are mentioned below. 

  • The standard bridge system involves the placement of an artificial tooth in place of a natural tooth. This procedure is done with the help of crowns or caps. 
  • The second type of dental bridge is resin-bonded fixed partial dentures. It is a little similar procedure to the standard bridges. But it involves the placement of metal wings attached to the back side of your teeth. Due to this, the need for crowns or caps is no more required. 
  • The third type of bridge is a cantilever dental bridge. This procedure is used when the placement of caps or crowns is needed on only one side of the teeth. It is an effective way to treat the loss of teeth efficiently.
  • The fourth type of dental bridge is a dental implant-supported bridge. This type of bridge is used when the placement of the bridge is done with the help of an implant. This option is very helpful and provides long-lasting results.

Treatment Of Dental Bridge In 6 Steps:

Following are the important steps that your dentist will follow while replacing front teeth with a bridge. They are mentioned in detail below.

Appointment With The Dentist:

The first step in your treatment is that you should fix an appointment with your dentist. Discuss your current oral condition with him. The pain you’re feeling or any type of severe condition. What specific type of dental bridge do you want to use? And if you are the right candidate for the treatment. Then he will fix the treatment according to your requirements. 

Cleaning Of The Teeth:

When the treatment of replacing front teeth with a bridge starts, the dentist will clean up your teeth. Then remove a specific amount of tooth surface to place the bridge. Which is done with the help of caps or crowns. 

Custom Bridges Preparation:

The third step involves the preparation of a customized dental bridge. Which is done by taking the representation of your teeth. So the custom-made bridge is according to the size, shape, and natural color of your teeth.

Non-Permanent Bridges:

The fourth step involves the placement of non-permanent dental bridges. This step is done because the preparation of customized bridges takes time. To slow down the pain or start the healing process, the placement of temporary bridges is very important.

Placement Of Permanent Bridges:

The fifth step is the placement of permanent customized bridges in your teeth. The temporary bridges are removed and the placement of permanent bridges takes place carefully and slowly. 

Proper Fit:

The sixth step is that after the customized bridge is placed in your teeth. The dentist will ask you if you’re feeling any uneasiness or pain in your teeth. Or if it is causing any biting issues. When all of these questions are answered your treatment is fully completed.


If you want to use your dental bridges for a very long time, then it’s important to take some precautions. These are basic things and if you follow them you can easily maintain your oral health. 

  • Firstly don’t forget to brush twice a day. 
  • Also, use a floss after eating your meals. This will help you remove the stubborn particles between your teeth. 
  • When your treatment is done, make sure to avoid hard-substance foods which need full force to chew. 
  • Avoid drinking such drinks or food that can cause stains to appear on your bridges. 
  • When you follow the advice given to you by your dentist, you can maintain good and healthy oral health. That’s why, visiting your dentist regularly for beneficial pieces of advice and check-ups is recommended.


Replacing front teeth with a bridge is possible if you follow the right procedure and precautions. Because it is a very helpful way to restore the beauty of your teeth. It improves the working of your teeth. And gives you enough confidence to talk normally among different people. Stamford emergency dentist is the right service for you if you experience any emergency.

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