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Root Canal Procedure Steps

Root Canal Procedure Steps

As technology is spreading its light everywhere and in all fields of life, there are different types of new and improved techniques in dental treatments through which you do not feel any sort of pain and relax while getting the best treatment for your teeth making them new and healthy. The root canal is a very efficient dental process but patients have questions about root canal procedure steps or how long the root canal procedure and we are going to discuss in detail about root canal.

Root Canal Procedure Steps:

To properly understand the steps of the root canal process, you must know the meaning of root canal treatment and it is explained below.

1. Root Canal Treatment?

When your tooth or teeth are defective, got any accidental injury, broken or infectious, and need treatment then using a dental root canal treatment is the best way to restore your teeth and save them from getting worse. This treatment is done in 2 to 3 visits to your dentist and this treatment of a root canal is done by a root canal specialist who has complete grip and knowledge of dealing with severe teeth issues.


2. Time-Span Of Treatment:

The time of the root canal can be different in different cases according to the severity of your issue or the experience and skill of your dentist also plays an important part in the duration of your treatment. This treatment can take at least one hour in normal cases and if your issue is severe then it can take a maximum of 1 and a half hours to complete. The different root canal before and after the procedure is discussed in this article in detail.

6 Major Bit By Bit Root Canal Procedure Steps:

Following are the main steps in the treatment of a root canal and you should not skip any step because it will affect your teeth.

1. Spotting The Root Cause:

The first step is to identify the root cause which is causing pain in the teeth or any other reason which leads to root canal treatment. It can be gum bleeding, swelling, teeth sensitivity, infections, or any sort of injury, etc. the reason can be anything but you should be ready for the treatment to be started.

2. Use of General Anesthesia:

The second step is the use of anesthesia which can easily numb your affected area so you don’t feel any pain during the treatment and the dentist can easily operate and do his work with comfort.

3. Separate The Affected Tooth:

The third step is to separate the affected tooth from other teeth which can be done by putting a rubber-like material on the affected tooth and save the other teeth from getting harmed or infected by the affected teeth.

4. Removing The Pulp (Infected):

The fourth step is to remove the pulp from your teeth which have been infected or damaged due to different reasons but with the use of dental tools, your dentist will form your teeth with the canals so they are according to the size of your other teeth and the area of your mouth is properly cleaned and every type of dirt has been removed from it due to the process.

5. Use of Dental Disinfection And Materials:

The fifth step is the use of different types of materials and tools which serves the purpose of disinfecting your teeth and making sure that no debris is remaining in your teeth.

6. Gutta-Percha and Fillings:

The sixth step is about adding the dental material namely, “Gutta-Percha” through which the roots of your teeth are sealed properly ensuring that no bad chemical, dirt, and debris find their way to your teeth making them weak and infectious again. Then filling is done for your affected teeth and it is a temporary filling. Once the time limit from your dentist has been finished, you can remove these fillings and get a new treatment of fillings that are permanent this time.

Safety Measures:

After your treatment has been completed, you may feel pain in your teeth for a small period but it is a temporary feeling and can wear off once you are properly used to the fillings. You should also take care of your diet and eat foods that are soft like yogurt, oatmeal, and fruits, etc so you can recover fastly. A root canal also improves your communication skills and you feel confident while talking to others.


You should know that root canal therapy is a great treatment for teeth that needs attention and treatment. If you are suffering from any of the conditions involved in root canal causes then you should book an appointment with your dentist and get a proper examination from him. If you don’t have any other dental problems, your dentist will suggest you a root canal treatment for making your oral health better.

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