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7 Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

Teeth are a main part of the human body and if anything causes pain in teeth, it is very difficult to bear this pain. But there are several treatments for toothache according to the situation of your teeth. If your dentist has suggested Implant Treatment or Invisalign Treatment but you suffered from Implant Failure Treatment or Invisalign Failure then as an alternative option you can use root canal treatment to get rid of the annoying pain in your teeth.

But firstly you may want to know what root canal treatment is or what are the root canal treatment side effects, the long-term side effects of root canal treatment, and side effects after root canal treatment because these are important things if you are thinking of getting this treatment. Let’s discuss it together.

Root Canal Treatment?

When you are feeling pain in your teeth for a very long time, your gums are swollen or you are having pimples in your gums and any one or more of your teeth are broken or cracked due to some accidents or you are feeling teeth sensitivity during eating anything cold and hot you should go to your dentist for a quick and detailed check-up of your teeth and your dentist may recommend you the treatment of root canal treatment for it.

How This Treatment is Done?

Root canal treatment is a 3 stages treatment that involves spotting the infectious pulp in your tooth by numbing your tooth and its affected area by using some anesthetic medicines and then cleaning it using dental and surgical tools. Then filling the tooth and sealing it for a short period of time. After getting comfortable with it you can visit your pedodontist and he can give you a permanent filling by sealing it. So you can easily live a normal life and not have to avoid your favorite yummy foods.

But as root canal treatment is beneficial many people want to know about its side effects so there are some side effects of root canal treatment that you should know about. The following are the main root canal treatment side effects:

7 Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

1. Severe Pain in Teeth:

During the root canal treatment, it is not easy to detect the infecting pulp and for that, your dentist would reach the middle of your tooth to remove it and make sure that it is cleaned from all types of bacteria, dirt, and debris. That is why after you are free from the treatment, you will experience severe pain in your teeth for some days.

2. Teeth Swelling:

An important side effect of root canal treatment is that taking this treatment will make your teeth swollen for a few days as the use of surgical instruments during the treatment can cause infection to your teeth. Which might result in swelling of your teeth. But it is not permanent and it will be finished in a few days.

3. Breaking of Teeth:

One of the long-term side effects of root canal treatment is when you are taking this treatment for your broken or cracked tooth, it will increase the chances of making your tooth more fragile after the treatment has been done. Because during the treatment, many of the original constitutions of your tooth will be removed during this treatment. That is why your tooth becomes more vulnerable to fracture in the end.

4. Teeth Color May be Changed:

The tooth with which you took root canal treatment will change its color and become much darker over time. Those people who will use an artificial cap for such a tooth will face no difficulty. But if you do not want to wear an artificial cap then it will cause problems for you to be around people enjoying them.

5. Infection:

Another side effect can be an infection in the outer and inner sides of root canals in your tooth.

6. Immunity Issues:

When you squeeze out the tooth during the root canal filling treatment, it can cause immunity issues.

7. Bacteria:

By using root canal treatment, you can remove the bacteria from your tooth but it is a fact that the bacteria will not be permanently removed so one of the side effects of root canal treatment is that the bacteria remains inside your tooth even after the treatment which can lead to other infectious and painful diseases.

You can get a successful root canal treatment as it is the daily life work of dentists who are experts in their field also known as periodontists. They will examine the current situation of your teeth first and tell you about the treatment details. It is not very demanding work for them so you can trust their abilities. 


What are the main side effects of root canal treatment are discussed in detail so you can know a deep understanding of what mainly root canal treatment is and what are the short or long-term side effects of this treatment if you use it for yourself or your loved ones.

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