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Same Day Crowns Disadvantages

Find Out 9 Important Same-Day Crowns Disadvantages

Same day crowns are a great way to fix your broken, chipped, gum-bleeding, or infected teeth to their original condition. With advanced technology and CAD and CAM, you can install same day crowns in just a single visit to your dentist, where the crown is prepared before you. You can easily manage your important work without visiting the dentist repeatedly in the case of traditional crowns. Same day crowns are also known as chairside, single-visit, or CEREC crowns. 

There are different benefits of same day crowns, and they are easy to install. There are still some same day crown disadvantages that you must know before installing them because the disadvantages of same day crowns can still affect the health of your teeth.

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9 Main Same Day Crowns Disadvantages:

Following are some of the main disadvantages of same day crowns that you should be aware of before installing them in your teeth.

1. Just The Use Of Porcelain or Ceramic:

Some of the main same day crowns disadvantages include the type of crowns that uses ceramic or porcelain materials in making the crowns. In contrast, metal or traditional crowns use different types of materials other than just metal, giving patients the choice to select the crowns according to their liking. But this option is not available in CEREC crowns.

2. Not A Good Option For The Roots Of Gums:

Though same day crowns involve the use of the latest technology and scanners, they still cannot reach the areas beneath the roots of the gums. So if the patient needs emergency treatment for his tooth or teeth, metal or laboratory dental crowns might be the right choice. Metal crowns are a lengthy procedure, but they can be a good option for problems beneath the roots of the gums.

3. Not Everyone Can Wear Same Day Crowns:

Another important same day crowns disadvantages include that not everyone is the right candidate for this type of crown. If someone faces any mouth issue that can affect the placement of crowns, it can lead to severe oral issues later on, requiring expensive treatment.

4. Longevity Of Same Day Crowns:

Unlike traditional or metal crowns, same day crowns cannot be used for a very long time due to the use of just one material that is ceramic in it, with the use of advanced technology for making crowns because lab-made crowns are made from different materials, which are best for strength and longevity in a crown. But if the dentist follows proper care and instructions, you can easily use your same day crowns for a long time.

5. Lack Of Proper Rest:

One of the significant same day crowns disadvantages is that this process is done in a single appointment with the dentist so that patients can return to their office work or other important personal issues. Still, when they don’t give rest their mouth and take any precautions, it can worsen the situation of their teeth and can lead to different types of problems.

6. Prosthodontists:

Being operated by qualified and expert dentist who has years of study and knowledge about oral issues, known as prosthodontists, are required to operate same day crowns treatment. This can be a disadvantage if you live in an area where the services of a prosthodontist are tough to find.

7. Reduction In Beauty:

Metal or lab-made dental crowns are made with different types of materials, which can increase the beauty of your crowns, giving you access to change the shape, design, and size of your crowns. But same day crowns are made from a single material whose effects can be reduced with time. And the beauty of your crowns can be reduced in such a situation.

8. Dental Cavities:

One of the essential same day crowns disadvantages include that dental cavities, broken or chipped teeth or teeth can happen again due to crowns not perfectly fitting in your teeth; if you have taken the treatment of metal crowns before but suddenly change it to same day crowns, it can happen which requires treatment again, and that means extra cost from your budget.

9. Expensive Treatment:

The cost of same day crowns can be expensive, adding different types of factors, and if you’re looking for same day crowns due to having a busy schedule but don’t have the budget, then it can be a disadvantage.


Same day crowns’ disadvantages are different, which can be taken care of if proper measures are taken. These disadvantages are temporary; if you consult your dentist about them, these problems can be solved quickly. Same Day Crowns vs Traditional Crowns is very important for deciding easily which type of crowns you should use for your teeth.

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