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Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns Procedure

When people were suffering from teeth issues that needed to be extracted or replaced with a dental cap or crown then the procedures of dental crowns were introduced. A dental cap is a good procedure in which different types of materials like an amalgam of gold, metals, base, and porcelain were mixed to make permanent crowns. The strength of all of these materials was great but the process of dental crown can take more than one or two visits to the dentist and you may have to wear temporary crowns or caps until your permanent crowns are prepared. 

And you again have to go to the dentist for the removal of temporary caps and placements of permanent ones which can be an annoying experience for people if they are in a hurry. 

Due to this many people want to know the main difference between same day crowns vs traditional crowns. Let’s find out everything about same day dental crowns in Stamford or if you want the services of same day dental crowns near Stamford.

The Technology Of Same Day Crowns:

With different types of improvements and technologies, the procedure of same day crown never fails to get the attention of people who want satisfied and painless treatments for their teeth. Keeping in view the problems and challenges people face due to traditional dental crowns, a new, improved, and advanced type of dental crown was introduced which is known by several names and some of them are same-day, single-day, one-visit, chairside crowns or CEREC crowns and many others. 

Use of CAD and CAM Technologies:

Unlike traditional crowns, same day dental crowns involve the use of technologies like CAD and CAM and get electronic impressions of the inspected issues in the teeth. Here with the help of CAD firstly, the new design of a crown is prepared and then it is handed over to the CAM. 

Addition Of Material:

With the technology of CAM, the design of the crown is given the addition of a best quality material porcelain or ceramic which is added to increase the strength and durability of the crowns. Then, it is given the final touches and properly cleaned so it is ready to be used by the patient.

One-Visit Treatment:

This whole treatment is done in just one single visit to your prosthodontist and all of the work for the preparation of the crowns is done in front of the patient so he can have a proper knowledge and understanding about the process.

One-Visit Treatment:

Few Hours:

This whole above-mentioned procedure is done in just a few hours with the help of improved technology which has made it very easy for dentists to quickly perform the treatment without any mistakes and all of the patients can be satisfied with the appearance of their new-looking teeth (crowns). This crown placement treatment is comfortable keeping in view the fact that the patients may not feel even a little annoyed or impatient during the treatment.

Cost-Effective Treatment:

The best thing about same day crowns is that the cost of this treatment is very reasonable and affordable so you can easily install single-visit crowns for making your teeth better and more beautiful. The same day crowns are prepared in such a way that they match the color of your natural teeth making it extremely difficult for others to find the difference between your original teeth and detecting that you’re wearing a crown.

Factors Suggesting You Need Same Day Dental Crowns:

When you are experiencing any of such situations, then you have to get an appointment with a good dentist and after he examines your teeth and finds any of the given issues that can lead to same day dental crowns then you should not waste any time and get this treatment right away.

  • If you have an injury or accident
  • If you have a broken tooth or teeth
  • If you have swollen and excessive bleeding gums
  • If you have infectious teeth
  • If you have crooked or chipped teeth

Strength Of The Crowns:

If you have severe problems other than that, then your dentist may suggest traditional dental crowns due to the different combinations of materials it offers. But the durability of same-day dental crowns is very strong due to the use of porcelain in it and it can be used for 10-15 years easily if you keep it clean and follow the instructions of your dentist.


The denouement is that choosing same day crowns over traditional crowns is dependent on several factors and conditions. There are various benefits of same day crowns but if you want time-efficient, natural-looking crowns that are available at a reasonable price then you won’t regret installing same day dental crowns. But if you must discuss your condition and teeth problems with your dentist first, he can suggest better options easily.

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