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Same Day Dental Crowns

Same Day Dental Crowns

The use of advanced technologies has helped mankind to develop new and unique functions for their betterment. As dental procedures are one of the main fields in which people need facilities and painless treatments, a new option of same day dental crowns has been introduced through which the crown placement process has become very easy and advanced. And people who are looking for same day crowns near me are easily enjoying the facility of the dental crowns same day without any difficulty. 

Same Day Dental Crowns Treatment:

An improved form of dental crowns, known as the same day dental crown, CEREC, or chairside crowns. Unlike traditional crowns which are a very lengthy procedure that can take multiple weeks to complete, same day crowns can complete the job in just one appointment with your same day crown dentist. The use of advanced technologies of CAD and CAM has helped to make this treatment fast and secure. 

The crowns which are prepared for replacing the broken, damaged or infectious, or swollen gums teeth are perfectly according to the original size of your teeth. The quality of those crowns is very good. And they cause no issues or side-effects if you install them for your problematic teeth. Now we will discuss the main working of same-day crowns in detail.

Working Of Same Day Dental Crowns:

Following are some of the ways how this advanced technology works if you choose a same day dental crown in Stamford.

1. Electronic Representation:

There are different benefits of same day crowns but there are several steps through which this procedure is done. The first step is the use of electronic representation or digital impressions of the damaged teeth by the use of a hand clasping scanner. Then these scans are sent into an advanced-level computer system to see any alternatives which the new crowns can use.

2. 3D Scan Technology:

The second step is the use of Computer-Aided Design software to construct a new and advanced 3D dummy of the crown. This dummy is just according to the size of the patient’s teeth so he may not feel any discomfort while wearing those crowns and can easily eat anything without limiting himself from enjoying his favorite snacks and desserts. As in traditional crowns, you have to take certain precautions until your teeth are fully recovered.

3. Adding Ceramic:

The third step in the same-day root canal is that the dummy you prepared with the help of CAD software is then sent to a Computer-Aided Manufacturing machine which adds the materials like porcelain or ceramic to the newly prepared crown. This step may take a few moments until it is done.

4. Installation Process:

When the third step is done, the final step is the installation process which is done by firstly maintaining the cleanliness of the crown and adjusting it according to the original teeth of the patient so no one can easily differentiate between the crown and original teeth. Then the installation procedure is done by a prosthodontist who carefully places the crown on your teeth making sure that you don’t feel any pain and issue with your same day dental crowns. 

The strength of this type of dental crowns is very much and you can easily eat hard substance foods without the fear of breakage of your crowns.

5. Feeling An Issue?

In case of any issue with the placement of your dental crowns same-day or feeling any pain while wearing them, you should tell your dentist right away about it so he can fix it without wasting any time. In this way, you don’t have to be worried about missing any important chores and still maintaining your health.

Feeling An Issue

6. Feel Free To Get Help:

Once your treatment is done, don’t feel shy to talk to your prosthodontist about different types of tips and ways through which you can improve the working of your same day dental crowns and protect them to increase their longevity. If they are properly used with good care then they can be used for a longer period without any this way, you don’t have to replace them again and again and use them for a longer period comfortably.  


Due to the use of new and advanced technologies and systems, people are loving the treatment of same day dental crowns for restoring their defective, decayed, crooked, or infected teeth. The process of traditional crowns is also a very good procedure but it is very time-taking and expensive due to which many people are choosing this type of dental crowns over traditional crowns. 
This treatment is done by a highly qualified and expert dentist which is known as a prosthodontist. And if you’re looking for same day crowns near Stamford, then there are several better options waiting for you which you can find online searching in your local area.

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