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4 Best Options For Temporary Tooth Replacement   

4 Best Options For Temporary Tooth Replacement

Dental issues can lead to severe pain and other body issues. Which needs proper treatment and care. There are many unique and safe dental treatments for temporary tooth replacement. The main purpose of such treatments is to ensure that a patient doesn’t have to bear pain continuously. 

And can get a temporary solution until a permanent and durable one is given to him. Because often patients find themselves in emergencies. Which require proper medical attention. In such issues, having a temporary solution for non-permanent relief is very important. 

4 Incredible Temporary Tooth Replacement Procedures:

Following are some of the incredible and in-demand options for tooth replacement as non-permanent solutions. There detail is mentioned below.

Filling Kits:

The first option is the use of filling kits for teeth. They’re used to ensure that your wearing-off fillings of cavities or lost teeth stay in a stable position. This will give you a temporary relief. Until you get a permanent dental treatment. People also love to know about the Single Tooth Replacement procedure. The material in the kits is very soft. So it’s easy to apply to the affected area. 

  • But to apply the content to the teeth, you must clean and dry your teeth properly. 
  • Then it is very important to follow the instructions on the kit. 
  • The last step is to paste the material into the gap or cavity of the teeth. Which is the result of a wearing or old filling.

These teeth-filling kits are easily available in local pharmacies and drug stores. This treatment can stop the severe pain for a while. However, it is advised that proper dental treatments should be taken for good oral health. 

Tooth/Teeth Replacement Kits:

The second treatment is tooth/teeth replacement kits. Accidents can happen. Which results in bad conditions like lost or missing tooth/teeth. Missing teeth can highly affect your beauty and physical appearance. Due to this, people consider the Multiple Teeth Replacement option. Teeth replacement kits aim to provide you with confidence so you can easily stay with your friends, family, or colleagues. A temporary structure like the tooth is made with these kits. Due to this, the place between your missing teeth fills up easily. 

  • The instructions on how to use it are mentioned in the kit. 
  • With the help of this, you can easily place the material on the missing tooth.

These kits are used only to give you temporary teeth beauty. So, you don’t feel uncomfortable. But these are not good options for proper teeth functioning. That’s why, it is highly recommended to get a detailed dental procedure for your missing or lost tooth/teeth too.

Glass-Ionomer Cement:

One of the best temporary tooth replacement procedures involves the use of dental cement or glass-ionomer cement. When you have installed crowns or bridges in your teeth, they can wear off over time due to different reasons. To save your teeth from causing serious pain or problems, dental cement is the right temporary solution. 

  • For using the cement, you must clean the area where the crown or bridge is installed. And the tooth/teeth on which they are installed. 
  • Once the cleaning is done, follow the instructions on the wrapper of the product. 
  • Then apply it on the inner side of the teeth and on the bridge or crown too.

This is a safe tooth replacement method for a limited time. You can find dental cement in any of your nearby local pharmacies easily. You can use it until you fix an appointment with your dentist for proper dental treatment.

Wax For Issued Teeth:

The fourth option is to use the dental wax. It is a great option to reduce the pain caused by the edgy areas of lost or missing teeth. Finding such a good dental product is very easy from the pharmacies. Because they are in high demand for covering such issues. 

The use of this product involves:

  • You must clean your hands and affected teeth area carefully.
  • A small quantity of the product is required. Squeeze it until it becomes soft and compatible with your teeth. 
  • Then securely apply it on the rough edges that are causing discomfort.

This is a versatile option. But you must have to go to your dentist for proper medical attention and treatment. 

Temporary Tooth Replacement Over The Counter Near Stamford:

If you’re looking for over-the-counter dental products, then don’t worry. Because you can find reliable temporary tooth replacement products from different sources. You can find it in your nearby medical stores, stores providing specific dental equipment. Or you can also contact various wholesalers that are providing trustable products. Most importantly, you must have contact with Stamford Emergency Dentist for emergencies.


Temporary tooth replacement options are quite handy. But if you use them continuously without permission from your dentist, it can lead to severe consequences. Plus your dentist can provide you with the best, affordable, and long-lasting dental treatments. One such treatment involves the use of the Metal Free Dental Implants which provide the best teeth stability. 

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