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Top 5 Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Top 5 Restorative Dentistry Procedures

No doubt dealing with teeth issues requires proper oral treatment. Because if you neglect your oral health, it will only cause infections and severe issues. Not only to your teeth but also to your other body parts. There are different dental procedures through which you can easily treat your normal or severely damaged teeth. For dealing with emergencies, you must have access to the emergency dentist ct. And we will discuss all of the important restorative dentistry procedures one by one.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures

5 Most Popular Restorative Dentistry Procedures:

There are some important restorative dentistry procedures that your dentist might suggest to treat your dental issues.  

1. Dental Stuffings:

The first and the most common treatment in restorative dentistry procedures is dental stuffings or fillings. This treatment is given when your teeth are damaged due to cavities or dental caries. The use of powerful materials like porcelain, amalgamation, or resin-based composites. The dentist will first examine the condition and severity of the issue. 

They will suggest the right treatment for your teeth according to your requirements and teeth condition. This treatment is available at both affordable and expensive prices based on the materials used in them. The functionalities and beauty of your teeth also increase due to dental fillings.

2. Dental Caps:

The second type of restorative procedure includes dental caps or crowns. They are used when you suffer from an accident resulting in tooth loss, or crooked, infected, broken, or chipped teeth. This treatment is often suggested after root canal therapy. The crowns or caps are made in dental labs. Which is a time-consuming procedure. 

They are prepared according to the real color and appearance of your teeth. Due to this, you don’t have to tell anyone that you’re wearing artificial crowns or caps. The longevity of this treatment is very trustable. You can use dental caps for a very long time if you follow the right guidelines provided by your dentist. The strongness of your teeth improves and the chances of severe dental issues are also reduced.

3. Dental Bridges:

The third treatment is dental bridges. It is also a very famous dental treatment. If you suffer from an accident in which you lost your tooth or teeth, this is the most suitable treatment. Because it replaces your missing tooth with the placement of an artificial tooth in its place. Which is just according to the natural teeth of your mouth. The materials usage is a very powerful combination.

You can either use porcelain or metal solo or you can use them by combining them. The longevity of this treatment is also very reliable. If your teeth are not properly aligned, dental bridges also hold the power to straighten up your teeth. Due to this, the aesthetics and functioning of your teeth become better.

4. Dental Implants:

The fourth treatment in restorative dentistry procedures is dental implants. For replacement of missing teeth from an accident, dental implants are used. It is the best way to restore your teeth issues for a very long time. If you cannot visit your dentist very often. The materials used in dental implants are very long-lasting. Due to this, this treatment is reliable and trusted by people. 

The procedure is done with the help of implant placement into the mandibular bone. But dental caps are also used on the upper side of the implant. This treatment requires more than one appointment to the dentist. Your mandibular bone also improves due to the implants. And you can smile confidently among people without any hesitation. 

5. Dental Sets Of Teeth:

The fifth type of treatment in restorative dentistry is dental sets of teeth or dentures. It is an artificial set of teeth. Made for those people who have lost their entire or some teeth in an accident or trauma. It is also suitable for old people. Dentures are also known as complete or partial dentures. They are removable. Due to this, you can easily clean your teeth without hurting yourself. Plus the use of dentures improves your ability to eat your food. 

The way you talk also becomes better. Differentiating between natural teeth and artificial dentures is almost impossible due to the use of many improved techniques. You can feel comfortable wearing these dentures. That’s why it’s one of the favorite treatments of people who want to improve their teeth’ beauty and functions.

Which Option Is Better?:

Choosing between the five above-mentioned dental treatments highly depends on different factors. Like your teeth issues, your budget, and your schedule if you can cope with more than one appointment. Because your dentist will thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth. Then after discussing the main issues with you, he will suggest to you the right treatment for your teeth.


Restorative dentistry procedures are gaining popularity among people due to their improved functions. Choosing the right option for your teeth is very important. Because ignoring your oral health results in severe conditions. Making it difficult and painful for you to treat your teeth easily. So if you treat them on time, you can save the extra hassle for both yourself and your dentist. Biomimetic dentistry is also an important restorative procedure for saving your original teeth from decaying.

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