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Types Of Braces For Teeth

Types Of Braces For Teeth

Many people from us deal with teeth that are not aligned and we want a proper solution for it because it is pretty embarrassing to be around people but you are not confident to smile properly because they would just see your teeth and that would not be a very good thing for you and avoiding its treatment will only make it worse for your teeth and causes different more serious diseases such as improper chewing and speaking issues or issues with your jaw bones and you have to end up in emergency but when it comes to braces you need to be careful because there are different types of braces for teeth and you should only use the one which suits you and your problem.

2 Types of Braces for Teeth

There are mainly two types of braces for teeth which are used by people. But it’s better if you wear them according to your dentist’s advice because they know better than you which one is good for you according to your teeth’s conditions and your hygiene requirements. The 2 types of braces for teeth are:

1. Fixed:

These types of braces for teeth are permanent and attached to your teeth with metals and some specific materials and can be removed by your dentist only and you have to wear them all the time.

2. Removable:

These types of braces for teeth are removable as you can think from their name too and you don’t need your dentist to remove it for you, you can remove it by yourself and you can take them off whenever you want to.

When you decide to apply braces you have to know different things about them and these can be told to you by your orthodontist. Plus you should ask him first if you are not comfortable with fixed braces so he can tell you an alternative in time. Now the different kinds of braces that you can use are discussed in detail below so you can easily understand which one is better for your problem right now?

5 Kinds of Braces:

There are various types of braces available to straighten teeth and achieve a beautiful smile. Discover the unique features, advantages, and considerations of each type to help you make an informed decision about the best braces option for your orthodontic needs.

1. Metal or Traditional:

These types of braces for teeth are more visible on your teeth as they are made of metal and they are light in weight and cannot be easily broken. They are attached with your teeth and cannot be worn off easily. They are not very expensive so you can easily afford them plus they are available in different colors.

2. Ceramic braces: 

Ceramics are a kind of braces which are much alike with metal or traditional braces in functioning but one thing that makes it favorable is that they are very less noticeable. They are expensive as compared with metal braces and over the time when you eat and drink different things it makes a stain on those braces so you have to change them after a short period of time from your dentist.

3. Lingual Braces:

These types of braces for teeth also use the same material that has been used in metal braces but unlike metal and ceramic braces they are attached to your teeth from the inside not from the outside making them not visible. As they are in the inner side of your teeth, it’s difficult for you to keep them clean and it makes your dentist’s job a little bit complicated and time taking so it is a lot expensive too. And in many cases due to the braces being inside, people end up breaking their braces while they are chewing their food and it can be dangerous for your health so you have to ask your dentist. Not everyone can be a right person for lingual braces so you have to ask your dentist about his advice first.

4. Self-Ligating Braces: 

These types of braces are also similar to metal braces but their treatment is easy and does not take much time in adjustments. People feel more comfortable in these types of braces as they are much more relaxing to wear as compared to traditional braces. but if we look on its negative side it is costly too as there is a metal wire in it which keeps the teeth in its place.

5. Clear Aligners Braces:

These braces involve changing the tray of your entire teeth with a new set of teeth. These types of braces are good if you do not have any serious teeth issues and you can change them from time to time if you want to eat or clean them as cool as it sounds you have to change them from time to time more oftenly so it is much more expensive than the normal braces.

How does your Orthodontist Suggest you braces?

In case you are wondering how you will choose from the above mentioned Braces With Implants then it’s simple. Your dentist will do a detailed examination of your teeth and then take pictures of it so not even a minor issue remains unsolved then he would suggest to you which category of braces suits you the best. 

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