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What are the 3 Stages of Root Canal Treatment?

What are the 3 Stages of Root Canal Treatment

One of the greatest pains a person can feel is a toothache. It can be due to many reasons but if it gets severe you may need to see your dentist and he will suggest you take an all on 6 dental implants procedure or a root canal treatment for your malfunctioned and infected tooth. You may want to know in detail what is root canal treatment and what are the 3 stages of root canal treatment. 

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When your teeth are infected from bacteria and germs from the inside, a root canal treatment can be taken with the help of your dentist who will remove the infected pulp from the inner side and clean your teeth properly before filling them again, saving your teeth from getting decay and from other teeth problems. This treatment will save your teeth from bacteria, infection, and different types of germs.

7 Reasons When You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

When you feel different symptoms that are not normal and if you never felt them before then firstly you need to see your dentist and after a recommendation from him you should use a root canal treatment. The symptoms can be:

  1. Extreme tooth sensitivity.
  2. Pain while eating cold and hot beverages.
  3. Difficulty while chewing your food.
  4. If you have a cracked tooth from an accident.
  5. You filled your tooth before but it is coming off or causing other problems.
  6. Gum issues.
  7. Darkness or any other infection on gums.

The Expense of Root Canal Treatment?

The fee or expense of root canal treatment is expensive because the treatment is difficult and it needs proper care and time and if you have any medical care facility then you can use it to reduce your fees. This treatment is less expensive as compared with extracting your teeth and replacing them with implants or bridges so that you can easily talk and eat your food like a normal person. 

What are the 3 Stages of Root Canal Treatment?

This treatment can be done by your pedodontist in one visit but if you have any serious issue which needs time then you may have to visit your pedodontist again for a thorough checkup and solution. The root canal treatment consists of 3 stages and each stage is important. If you skip any stage, you may feel discomfort or irregularity in the functioning of your teeth. The stages are the following:

1. Detecting and Cleaning Infected the Pulp

The first step in root canal treatment is that your dentist will detect the infected pulp that is causing problems in your teeth’ functioning which can be done by using an X-ray test or by a sensitivity check up on you. Your normal dentist will send you to a Pediatric Dentistry or an advanced and expert pedodontist after examining your teeth who will check these tests on you with advanced technology.  

Then the pedodontist will use sedatives to numb your teeth and after it is completely numb he will start the treatment. When he finds out the main cause of your problem, whether it is tooth sensitivity or inflammation of teeth, he may put dental material on your affected tooth so they can be cleaned and ready for the treatment and other teeth may not be disturbed during the treatment.

Then he will start the cleaning process (still with the sedatives on) by drilling a hole on top of your tooth to remove the dirt and the pulp. Through this process, your dentist can easily continue his work to get the main root in the inner side of the tooth. Then after using dental tools, he will remove the infectious dirt from your tooth and as the pulp was already dead it will cause no issue when you remove it with water or any dentist-prescribed chemicals making it completely clean and fresh.

2. New Filling by Removing the Old One:

Now your tooth has been cleaned so the next step is to fill it with a material that is like rubber and it is then placed in the canals so that it fits perfectly using a root canal sealer to seal it blocking the way of any kind of dirt and bacteria to enter your teeth.

3. Replacing the Tooth:

You should visit an experienced pedodontist after a few weeks of getting this treatment. He will remove the non-permanent filling you had and give you a permanent filling instead so you can have your teeth all new once again. This process will help your teeth to be safe from any kind of debris and infectious bacteria too.

After Effects:

Due to sedatives, you may feel senseless during the treatment. You will not feel any pain after the treatment but proper care must be taken to reduce the chances of any sort of issue. After taking this treatment you may feel sore or numb for 3-4 hours but then you can do your daily routine chores easily but it is advised that you should take proper care while eating and chew your food slowly to save yourself from getting hurt. 

And now you can understand what are the 3 stages of root canal treatment and what is their importance in an easy way.

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