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What Dentist Does Root Canals?

What Dentist Does Root Canals

The benefits of a root canal treatment are too much as it can help you against many bad dental situations you might be suffering from. But patients get confused when they have suggested a root canal treatment about what dentist does root canals. And we are going to find out that in a comprehensive way.

The Process Of Root Canal:

With the help of a root canal procedure, you can easily save your teeth from being uprooted and live with your original tooth in a healthy state instead. In case of a change of color of your teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, infections, accidents, severe cavities, cracked or broken teeth, or teeth, the need for a root canal treatment arises. 

The different root canal procedure steps involve detecting the infection in the pulp of your teeth’s deepest layers and removing it by using medicines that can numb the affected area of the teeth to make the treatment pain-free for the patient. Then make your teeth infection free and seal them to shut off the way bacteria enters the teeth again.

Find Out What Dentist Does Root Canals Now:

Dentists are highly professional and experienced in their field and they know different complicated types of dentistry problems. Talking about “Do dentists do root canals”, the simple answer is yes if the condition of your teeth is not very bad and they can handle it. But if things get out of hand or if the situation of your teeth is extremely bad then they can suggest you visit a root canal specialist known as an orthodontist or an endodontist to treat your problem and give a permanent solution.

Who Is An Orthodontist?

Known by many names, an orthodontist or endodontist is a dental technician who has spent several years getting a complete grip on a root canal procedure. The complications, types, and retreating root canals are involved in their education. So even if the case of a patient is very bad or requires pure focus in the field of root canals they can handle it without even giving it a second thought. They are very qualified for the job and as it is their daily working task, they don’t fail in their treatments so don’t need to be worried as you are in safe hands.  

Root Canal Treatment Explained:

Mostly the root canal is done in three steps which are discussed in detail below.

1. Spotting and Cleansing Of Infected Teeth:

The first step is to thoroughly examine the teeth to spot the infection in your teeth pulp which can be due to various reasons and once the reason is confirmed, an endodontist will numb the area of your affected tooth or teeth to save you from the pain during the treatment. Then the infection is removed from your teeth and your teeth are properly cleaned by the use of several effective dental tools so that no bacteria or dirt remains in your teeth. The next thing to do is properly shape your affected teeth according to the size of your healthy teeth.

2. Gutta-Percha:

The second step is to fill the teeth with a dental chemical or material and then properly shut it down so that no infection or debris can enter your teeth causing several other issues to your teeth.

3. Permanent Filling:

The third step is optional but If the teeth are in very bad condition then you may also need to install dental crowns in your teeth so that the filling you have done for your teeth is protected and you can smile brightly with your friends or family.

Proper Care Is Required:

After your treatment has been done, you may feel a little pain or blood from your teeth or swollen gums but these are temporary effects and can go off after a few days if these signs are getting extreme and you are experiencing them for several days, then you should reach out to your dentist so if there is a problem with your teeth, he can provide a better solution for it. You must avoid eating junk food or foods which are very chewy and require pressure while biting as it can lead to breakage of your fillings or crowns. 


Following are the questions patients mostly ask to solve their query of can a dentist remove a root canal tooth?

What Type of Dentist does Root Canals?

A qualified and more experienced dentist known as an orthodontist or endodontist treats patients who require a root canal treatment through different types of dental tools and materials to remove the inflamed pulp from your teeth.

Can a General Dentist Do a Root Canal?

Yes, if the condition of your teeth is not very severe then a general dentist can perform a root canal treatment as they have knowledge and training of different types of dentistry issues.

Can a regular dentist do a root canal?

The general dentist, also known as the regular dentist can also perform root canal therapy by having proper knowledge about the treatment by taking a course or training for it. But if the matter is severe then he may suggest treatment from a more qualified surgeon.


Before going to get a root canal treatment, you must have proper knowledge about the dentist and what dentist does root canals. As there are many things that a dentist may need for being qualified to treat such severe issues.

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