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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive All Of A Sudden?

why are my teeth sensitive all of a sudden

You have been suffering from sensitive teeth and you thought it was due to cavities. You took a treatment for the cavities and it has been a few years but the sensitivity is starting to annoy you again. Wasn’t filings the best option to block the pain and suffering of sensitive teeth? Why are you feeling that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden, one tooth suddenly sensitive to cold.

Cavities and Tooth Sensitivity

If you are avoiding your personal or oral hygiene routine then it can be one of the main reasons that you’re feeling that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden, one tooth suddenly sensitive to cold. When you brush your teeth, remember to be gentle because if you brush your teeth harder it will only cause your enamel to be loose or wear out which results in exposure with outer elements and you will not be feeling very good with that.

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity that doesn’t mean you cannot get rid of it.You feel that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden. But You can also live like a normal person but all you have to do is to take some precautions that are necessary for the safety and security of your teeth. When you keep your health your priority and are ready to do anything to achieve a better health then you can eat anything you like but for that you need to take some safety measures first. You can treat it at home and in case it gets severe then you should consult your dentist immediately.

In case your problem gets worse you can take a treatment known as “Root canal”. It will help you to get rid of your tooth sensitivity but it’s intensely painful and you shouldn’t avoid it in case you’re suffering from it.

Cavities are not always the cause of pain and sensitivity of teeth but it can be a warning that you have tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause the hard, protective covering of the teeth, called “enamel” , to be weakened. If enamel is weakened then the inner layers of teeth are exposed to outer elements such as air, liquid,bacteria,etc. Blood vessels and nerves are located in these inner portions of teeth. When different types of food and drink particles such as hot, cold or overly sweet enter the tooth, they can pressurize the nerves causing tooth pain and sensitivity.And that’s why you feel that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden.

If you do whitening of teeth very often it can also be a cause of tooth sensitivity and pain. Which can lead to tooth sensitivity and you feel that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden. Sometimes its excessive use can damage the inner parts of teeth so you should take care of your teeth and try using only recommended things your dentist prescribed you.

The following can be main reasons or causes of cavity and tooth sensitivity:

  • Gum Infection/issues
  • Erosion
  • Enamel weakening
  • Use of Hard-bristled toothbrush
  • not taking proper oral hygiene
  • taking too much sugary or spicy food knowing you have teeth issue
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Chewing on ice some people have this bad habit which causes their teeth to be weak 
  • Using teeth whitening products
  • Cracked teeth and cavities
  • Eating extreme hot or cold things

Dental Treatment: 

Fillings are a dental procedure to stop cavities from growing further and making your tooth decay. This process helps you to remove the cavities and plaque in your teeth and it also helps in getting rid of tooth sensitivity. It helps in making our nerves and inner layers of teeth safe and secure. Often the cavity is so widespread that fillings are also of no use. In such cases, a dental crown will be placed over the decayed tooth.

Can’t One Treatment Last Forever?

Like many other types of dental treatments, dental fillings also do not last forever and do eventually wear out or get loose. In such cases, the filings have to be replaced by the dentist carefully and in time to prevent further harm to the teeth. That could be a major reason that you are feeling that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden.

The procedure of fillings can cause very much pain to your teeth after a while because you feel severe pain and difficulty during eating your food due to which it does not last forever and becomes weak and weary. Causing one’s teeth to be sensitive all of a sudden. 

If you’ve had fillings and experienced sudden tooth sensitivity and your filling hasn’t fallen out or gotten loose, it could mean your filling is about to give out. So you need to go to your dentist and ask his help so you can avoid suffering from pain and sensitivity. Because you don’t have to feel that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden and there’s no cure for you.

In case of failed front teeth filling, Your teeth are exposed to harmful chemicals and their safety is also broken. Due to which you are feeling that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden.

But it’s not the end of the world so in that case you should go to your dentist straight away by booking an appointment without wasting any time so that the risk of outer elements causing infection to the inner layers of your teeth should be less/minimized. Also the pain and suffering one can bear due to the failure of tooth filling is very intense and can cause agony to live with it in daily life.

In some cases it’s been reported that people suffer from intense pain just when they do the filling which could be due to many reasons and one and most important of it may be the negligence of dentists during the treatment or due to patient’s not following the prescribed advice of his/her dentist. And then they feel that their teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden.

Sometimes you wonder, why are my teeth sensitive all of a sudden? But that’s the thing you detect after a long time when in reality you’ve been just ignoring it due to which your teeth are now sensitive too much and everything you eat you have to think about it first. Can you eat it? Will it cause any pain and sudden coldness to your teeth? Many people suffer from that same issue but don’t worry you can find a cure to that!

Measures to avoid tooth decay and pain

You can take different measures to avoid tooth decay and pain and sensitivity caused by it. Such as:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Using soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Use mouthwashes daily
  • Make it a habit to visit your dentist once in a month
  • Properly get a check up of your teeth
  • Floss daily
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • If you’re a smoker then quit smoking. It’s also a major cause of tooth decay
  • Also follow dentist advised measures to keep your teeth clean

You should visit your dentist in case that you are feeling your filling has worn out or got loose so that your dentist can help you in finding a reliable solution.

When to Visit Your Dentist?

  • If you suddenly start feeling that your teeth have become sensitive when you never experienced it before then you should not ignore it and consult your dentist quickly.
  • He can recommend simple treatments such as use of pain reducing tooth pastes and brushes.
  • When you visit your dentist he can help you by telling you that you need some serious treatment or can your issue be resolved just by using simple measures.
  • You should not take it lightly if you are feeling some serious signs which can lead to intense teeth sensitivity and pain.
  • In such cases you should consult your dentists or some other health professionals right on the spot to save your health.
  • Don’t ever ignore any symptoms you feel about your tooth that can lead to severe problems. Because in the end you will be feeling that your teeth have become sensitive all of a sudden causing pain and suffering.

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