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Top 6 Affordable Alternatives To Dental Implants

Top 6 Affordable Alternatives To Dental Implants

Teeth loss or damage is very common nowadays due to various reasons. Aging, accidents, trauma, or infections can lead to teeth damage or loss. That’s why, dental implants have been used to replace such teeth with artificial teeth. You must know how to prepare for dental implant surgery before going to your dentist for treatment. 

But for some people who have any other disease or dental issues or they find it expensive. Having other options is very important. That’s why, people want to know different alternatives to dental implants. So they can use other methods to have a confident smile. People are very curious to know about how to implant teeth

6 Main Alternatives To Dental Implants:

Following are the main 6 alternatives you can use instead of dental implants. 

Dental Or Tooth Bridge:

The first alternative you can use in place of dental implants is a dental or tooth bridge. With the help of artificial teeth, the gap between your missing teeth is filled. Plus, they are protected by the placement of dental crowns and interconnection or abutment. Dental bridges are permanent. You cannot remove it. 

  • Due to this, they give you a natural teeth-like appearance. 
  • If you exercise proper dental hygiene, you can use them for a very long time. 
  • You can install dental bridges in a shorter period as compared with dental implants. Where you have to wait for months to get a permanent implant installed. 
  • If you ignore the instructions your dentist gave you for protecting the dental bridges. It can lead to severe infections and other oral issues.
  • Over time, your dental bridge can become unstable and you need to reinstall it again. 

Half Dentures:

The second alternative in alternatives to dental implants is that you can install half dentures. Half dentures are used for a lost tooth or teeth. They are a cheap dental procedure as compared with dental implants. 

  • They are detachable and according to the original color of your teeth. 
  • Due to this, it is very easy to hide if you don’t want others to know about you wearing dentures. You can easily maintain your oral health. 
  • However, ignoring dental health can also lead to wear and tear of your dentures. 
  • You can also get an attractive look with the help of half dentures. People want to know the important reasons not to get dental implants.
Alternatives to dental implants

Complete Dentures:

One of the third alternative to dental implants is complete dentures. When you lose your complete teeth due to aging or any severe accident. Complete dentures are an incredible solution you can use. You can even wear these dentures on just your upper or lower set of teeth according to your dental issue. Plus you can remove them too. 

  • It can improve your way of speaking and chewing your meal. 
  • You can feel confident among different people. Because, like half dentures, they are also like the original color of your teeth. 
  • However, getting familiar with complete dentures is a time-consuming procedure. 
  • You may feel a little irritation and pain in your teeth. But it is a temporary side-effect. However, if it gets severe, getting help from your dentist is the main thing you must do. 
  • You may also need to again install complete dentures after some time. If it’s causing pain or it is not adjusted properly. 

Resin Retained Bridge:

The fourth option in alternatives to dental implants is resin retained bridge. This dental procedure is used just for replacing one lost tooth. With the help of strong materials, the new filling is supported. 

  • It is a budget-friendly dental treatment for those people who cannot afford expensive treatments like dental implants. 
  • Plus this treatment requires only simple and small modifications of your natural teeth. 
  • For severe teeth issues and replacement cases, resin retained bridge is not the right treatment.
  • If it is not properly adjusted during the installation process. You may need to get it from your dentist. 
  • Resin retained bridge is also known as the “Maryland Bridge”.


The fifth option in alternatives to dental implants is dental overlays. You can wear them on your original teeth. Or if you have installed dental implants, you can wear overlays on them. This procedure helps to provide stability and longevity to your dentures. 

  • They are not fixed. Due to this, you can remove them for cleaning purposes and maintain your oral health easily. 
  • But it is a costly procedure. Because it requires the installation of implants on your teeth. Or if you have any original teeth, you can install overlays on them. 
  • It is very important that you properly keep them clean and don’t neglect your oral health. 

Micro Implants:

The sixth option is micro-implants. They are like dental implants but their size is smaller than dental implants. If you have not very critical bone damage and the support of the bone is also small. You can use micro-implants instead of dental implants. 

  • They are an affordable dental treatment. 
  • Following the guidelines provided by your dentist is very important. 
  • Because they are not a good option if you’re looking for a durable dental treatment. 


Alternatives to dental implants can help a person use different dental treatments that are suitable for him. You can consult with your dentist. With the help of a proper medical test and examination of your oral condition. Your dentist can recommend you a budget-friendly dental treatment. All of the above-mentioned six dental treatments are secure. Yet your dental condition can make it a good or bad option for you. 

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