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Teeth are a very important part of our appearance. They help us speak clearly, eat normally and maintain facial expressions with ease! If you find that your teeth need attention or have lost some because they’re crowded it may be time for wisdom tooth removal; extra mouths on the opposite end (or in front) can cause problems too- so don’t wait until these become serious issues before taking care off them sooner rather than later as an extraction would probably work best.

We know that dental care can be a sensitive subject, which is why our team will take the time to get you feeling comfortable and informed about your treatment options. We want all of our patients’ needs met in order for them not only have healthy teeth but also maintain their mental well-being.

How We Help with Extraction Preservations

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Supreme Dental is your number one resource for emergency tooth extractions. We have a team of experienced professionals focused on delivering the best care possible, and we would love to help if you need an immediate extraction! Call us today at (203) 489-9747 or fill out a contact form online.

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Why Patients Love Us

iTero 5D Scanner Technology

The I-Tero scanner is the latest in digital technology to help orthodontists perfectly measure teeth. This small hand held wand captures every detail of your mouth, so you can get a perfect smile with no mistakes.

Emergency Dental Services

We offer same day emergency dental services in Stamford, CT. You never know when a dental emergency may arise which is why at Supreme Dental our dentist are ready to take on any dental emergency you may have.

DuraMax Extraoral Suction System

This advanced system is designed to remove dirt, germs and other unwanted substances from your procedures. It features an efficient Quattro layer filtration process with over 99% efficiency at removing viruses or bacteria absorbed during treatment so you can be confident in the hygienic environment of our dental office.

In-House Membership Plans

You deserve the best care, so we work hard to offer affordable and accessible dental services. To learn more about our in-house membership plans or purchase your own, visit our Membership page today.

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